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Free Spanish Resources 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs
Ser (to be) Estar (to be) Top 100 Quiz
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with A
Acabar (to finish) Aceptar (to accept) Andar (to walk)
Aprender (to learn) Ayudar (to help)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with B
Bailar (to dance) Beber (to drink) Buscar (to look for)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with C
Caer (to fall) Cambiar (to change) Caminar (to walk)
Cantar (to sing) Comer (to eat) Comprar (to buy)
Conducir (to drive) Conocer (to know) Contar (to count)
Contestar (to answer) Correr (to run) Cortar (to cut)
Creer (to believe)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with D
Dar (to give) Deber (to owe) Decir (to say)
Dejar (to leave) Desear (to wish) Dibujar (to draw)
Doler (to hurt ) Dormir (to sleep)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with E
Empezar (to start) Encontrar (to find) Enseñar (to teach)
Escuchar (to listen) Esperar (to wait for) Estar (to be)
Estudiar (to study) Explicar (to explain)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with G
Guardar (to keep) Gustar (to like)
Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with H
Haber (to have) Hablar (to speak) Hacer (to make)
Ir (to go) Jugar (to play)
Lavar (to wash) Leer (to read) Limpiar (to clean)
Llamar (to call) Llegar (to arrive) Llenar (to fill)
Llevar (to carry) Llorar (to cry)
Manejar (to drive) Mirar (to look) Mostrar (to show)
Necesitar (to need)
Oír (to hear) Olvidar (to forget)
Pagar (to pay) Pasar (to pass) Pedir (to request)
Peinar (to comb) Pensar (to think) Perder (to lose)
Poder (to be able to) Poner (to put) Preguntar (to ask)
Prestar (to lend, borrow)
Quedarse (to stay) Querer (to want)
Romper (to break)
Saber (to know) Sacar (to take out) Salir (to go out)
Seguir (to follow) Sentirse (to feel) Ser (to be)
Soñar (to dream)
Tener (to have) Terminar (to finish) Tocar (to touch)
Tomar (to take) Trabajar (to work) Traer (to bring)
Usar (to use)
Valer (to be worth) Vender (to sell) Venir (to come)
Ver (to see) Vestir (to dress) Viajar (to travel)
Vivir (to live) Volar (to fly) Volver (to return)

A verb is a word that shows a state of being or an action. Most sentences, in normal discourse, will have a verb. Common Spanish verbs forms are derived from the infinitive. Spanish infinitives are divided into three groups: -ar verbs, -er verbs, and -ir verbs. That is it! There are NO -ur verbs, or -or verbs as there would be in English.

Common Spanish verbs can be divided into two component parts: the stem--the part that remains after removing the -ar, -er, or -ir ending --and the ending -- the -ar, -er, or -ir that is attached to the stem. Both of these parts communicate vital information to the speaker and the listener . For example, the verb "hablar" means "to speak, to talk". The "person" tells who is speaking or who is being spoken to or about. First person is the speaker, "I" in English, "yo" in Spanish. Second person is the person(s) being spoken to, "you" in English, "tú, vosotros, usted, ustedes" in Spanish. Third person refers to the person(s) or thing(s) being spoken about, "he, she, it, they" in English, "él, ella, ellos, ellas" in Spanish. Number is simply singular or plural. For example, first person singular is "I" in English, "yo" in Spanish, while first person plural is "we" in English and "nosotros, nosotras" in Spanish. Tense is simply another word for time. It can only be past, present or future.

In addition to the various tenses, common Spanish verbs can exist in several different moods: indicative mood, subjunctive mood, conditional mood, and imperative mood. For example, the indicative mood is used to indicate state of being, or to express or ask for information. The subjunctive mood is used to express uncertainty, doubt, and denial. The imperative mood is used to give commands. The conditional mood expresses the concept of "would."

Another feature of common Spanish verbs we must be aware of is "aspect". The "perfect" is used in compound tenses, and it is formed by the auxiliary verb haber and the past participle of the main verb. An example in English would be, "I have studied", one example in Spanish is "(yo) he comido" (I have eaten). The imperfect is used to express past action that is ongoing, habitual or continuous. Finally, a Spanish verb can be non-progressive--"hablo", or progressive--"estoy hablando."

It is the seemingly innumerable combination of these four factors--person, number, tense, mood that result in the more than fifty forms which you will find in a Spanish verb table or Spanish verb chart. Although it will seem impossible at first, keep in mind that there are certain patterns which you will discover and these patterns will be the key in learning these many of these Spanish verb forms. You will never have success if you attempt to memorize every forms of every Spanish verb. The key to learning common Spanish verbs is being able to recognize repeating patterns.

The common Spanish verb lessons provided on this website use the following instructional strategies: Constructions, Cooperative Learning, Discussion/Questioning, Problem Solving, Reflection/Response and Practice/Drill.

The common Spanish verb lessons cover the first two levels and part of the third level of Bloom's Critical Thinking. Students should be able to exhibit previously learned material by recalling how to conjugate -er, -ir, and -ar verbs with level 1. They should also be able to translate and infer about the meanings of common Spanish verbs and vocabulary through level 2. Last, I expect many of the students to be able to apply and understand different patterns of common Spanish verbs and be able to construct sentences from these.

Students will exhibit different aspects of these levels during the guided quizzes and the games. It may take some students more time than others to reach the same understanding of the topic; however, we created this website so that students can continue to learn and review at home. Although the required time will vary, every student can reach the same level of achievement. With anything government funded comes the set guidelines and rules that have to be followed to stay funded. Within the IND and NDA, specific sections have great importance that can determine the end result of a sponsor’s attempt to market a commercial drug product. In the East, Germany would lose an important region for producing potatoes and wheat, the equivalent of twenty-one percent of the total harvest for potatoes and wheat. Israel is committed to withdraw from parts of the occupied territories, Arafat promised to change the text promoting the total destruction of Israel of the Charter of the PLO. On the other hand, one could look at this scenario in a completely different light simply from the fact that my mother is such an accomplished doctor. Even still, that man would have learned the hard way not to bring a knife to a frightened woman with a gun fight. This is the reason why many Bahamian citizen dislike migrants and the tension arises between the natives and the immigrants.

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