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The verb lavar (conjugation) is regular. It means to wash. It is also commonly used in the reflexive form lavarse which means to wash oneself. The conjugation is shown in the table below.

yo lavo (I wash)
lavas (you wash)
Ud./él/ella lava (you/he/she washes)
nosotros (as) lavamos (we wash)
vosotros (as) laváis (you guys wash)
Uds./ellos/ ellas lavan (you all/they wash)

Yo me lavo la boca.

I wash my mouth.

Tú te lavas las manos.

You wash your hands.

Nancy se lava el pelo.

Nancy washes her hair.

Nosotros nos lavamos las manos.

We wash our hands.

Ellos se lavan las manos.

They wash their hands.

Lave usted el coche.

Wash the car. (formal you command)

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