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The verb preguntar (conjugation) means "to ask". It is regular. Let's review the conjugation in the present tense in the table below.

yo pregunto (I ask)
preguntas (you ask)
Ud./él/ella pregunta (you/he/she asks)
nosotros (as) preguntamos (we ask)
vosotros (as) preguntáis (you guys ask)
Uds./ellos/ ellas preguntan (you all/they ask)

Yo le pregunto a la maestra.
I ask the teacher.

Mi hermana pregunta muchas cosas.
My sister asks many questions.

Nosotros preguntamos al camarero por los postres.
We asked the waiter for the desserts.

Te preguntan la edad que tienes.
They ask for your age.

Preguntar can also be used as a reflexive verb meaning to wonder and using the pronouns me, te, se, nos, os.

Me pregunto dónde está el coche.
I wonder where the car is.

Me pregunto dónde estará mi sombrero.
I wonder where my hat could be.

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