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The verb pedir (conjugation) means "to request" or "to ask for". The verb is irregular in the present tense. When conjugated, e changes to i (with the exception of nostoros and vosotros).

yo pido (I ask for)
pides (you ask for)
Ud./él/ella pide (you/he/she ask for)
nosotros (as) pedimos (we ask for)
vosotros (as) pedís (you ask for)
Uds./ellos/ ellas piden (you all/they ask for)

Yo pido un vaso.
I ask for a glass.

pides una bata.
You ask for a bathrobe.

Ella pide una almohada.
She asks for a pillow.

Nosotros pedimos el desayuno.
We ask for breakfast.

Ellos piden la cuenta.
They ask for the check.

Juan pidió un vaso de agua.
Juan asked for a glass of water.


To express the idea of “To ask a question” in Spanish, one would use the phrase: hacer una pregunta

¿Te molesta si te hago una pregunta?
Will it bother you if I ask you a question?

This is similar in meaning to preguntar una cosa or preguntar algo

Ella pregunta algo a la maestra.
She asks the teacher about something.

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