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The verb vender (conjugation) means to sell. It is regular.

yo vendo (I sell)
vendes (you sell)
Ud/él/ella vende (you/he/she sell)
nosotros (as) vendemos (we sell)
vosotros (as) vendés (you guys sell)
Uds/ellos/ellas venden (you all/they sell)

Te vendo el coche.

I sell the car to you.

vendes la casa

You sell the house.

Él vende cubiertos de plata.

He sell silverware.

Os vendemos la casa.

We sell the house to you.

Vendéis unas casas.

You all sell a few houses.

Venden tres manzanas por un dólar.

They sell three apples for one dollar.

The verb vender is commonly used as se vende: "for sale".

Se venden helados de chocolate y vainilla.

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream for sale.

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