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The verb guardar (conjugation) means "to keep", "to put away", "to save", "to obey". See the conjugation in present tense below.

yo guardo (I keep)
guardas (you keep)
Ud./él/ella guarda (you/he/she keeps)
nosotros (as) guardamos (we keep)
vosotros (as) guardáis (you guys keep)
Uds./ellos/ ellas guardan (you all/they keep)

Yo guardo las fotos de la familia.

I keep the family pictures.

¿En qué cajón las guardaste?

In what box did you put them?

Cuando tú hayas jugado guarda los juguetes.

When you have played, put the toys away.

¿En dónde guardamos la escritura de fideicomiso?

Where do we put the trust deed?

Lo guardáis todo.

You all keep everything.

Guarde los cartones.

Save the cartons.

Present Tense
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