Verb aceptar - to accept  

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The verb aceptar (conjugation) means "to accept". Let's see the conjugation in the present tense below. Note that in spanish there is only one c.

yo acepto (I accept)
aceptas (you accept)
Ud./él/ella acepta (you/he/she accepts)
nosotros (as) aceptamos (we accept)
vosotros (as) aceptáis (you guys accept)
Uds./ellos/ ellas aceptan (you all/they accept)

Acepto tu petición.

I accept your request..

¿Aceptas casarte conmigo?

Do you accept to marry?

Lo acepta todo.

She accepts everything.

Aceptamos cheques personales.

We take personal checks.

¿Se aceptan dólares?

Are dollars accepted?

No los aceptan.

They don't accept them.

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