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The verb deber (conjugation) means "to owe" or "should".

yo debo (I owe, should)
debes (you owe, should)
Ud/él/ella debe (you/he/she owes, should)
nosotros (as) debemos (we owe, should)
vosotros (as) debéis (you guys owe, should)
Uds/ellos/ellas deben (you all/they owe, should)

to owe

debes mucho dinero.
You owe a lot of money.

No me debes nada.
You don't owe me anything.

When we have an obligation to do something or we remind others of their obligations we can use use the verb deber with the meaning of "must", "should" or "ought to".


debes estar en clase cuando suene la campana.
You should be in the classroom when the bell rings.

Debemos contener el fuego.
We must contain the fire.

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