Verb dejar - to leave, abandon  

Resources Top 100 Verbs Verb Dejar - to leave

The verb dejar (conjugation) is regular. It means to leave or to let. The conjugation is shown in the table below.

yo dejo (I leave)
dejas (you leave)
Ud./él/ella deja (you/he/she leaves)
nosotros (as) dejamos (we leave)
vosotros (as) dejáis (you guys leave)
Uds./ellos/ ellas dejan (you all/they leave)

Lo dejo, gracias.
I leave it, thank you.

No me dejas hablar.
You don't let me talk.

Ella deja los niños conmigo.
She leaves the kids with me.

Las dejamos en la habitación.
We left them in the bedroom.

dejar is also used with the preposition de which means to stop doing something.

¡Deja de perseguirme a todos lados!
Stop following me everywhere!

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