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The verb valer (conjugation) means "to be worth" or "to cost". It is irregular in different tenses. See the conjugation in present tense below.

yo valgo (I am worth)
vales (you are worth)
Ud./él/ella vale (you/he/she is worth)
nosotros (as) valemos (we are worth)
vosotros (as) valéis (you guys are worth)
Uds./ellos/ ellas valen (you all/they are worth)

¡Porque yo valgo!

Because I'm worth it!.

¡Tú sí que vales Juan!

You are worth it indeed, Juan!

La casa vale cien mil dólares.

The house is worth a hundred thousand dollars.

No sirve. No vale de nada.

It's useless. It's worth nothing.

Porque nosotros lo valemos.

Because we are worth it.

¿Cuánto valen los bonos?

How much are the bonds worth?

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Past & Future
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