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The verb < sacar (conjugation) is regular. It means to take out or to stick out. In the preterite and subjunctive it has an orthographic change: the c changes to qu after the e. The conjugation is shown in the table below.

yo saco (I take out)
sacas (you take out)
Ud./él/ella saca (you/he/she takes out)
nosotros (as) sacamos (we take out)
vosotros (as) sacáis (you guys take out)
Uds./ellos/ ellas sacan (you all/they take out)

Yo saco a mi perrito todos los días.

I take my puppy outside every day.

Saco buenas notas en el colegio.

I get good grades at school.

Saca una hoja de papel.

Take out a pice of paper.

Nosotros sacamos una foto.

We take a photo. or We took a photo.

Ustedes sacan al bebé.

You take the baby out.

Sacas la alfombra a secar

You take the carpet out to dry.

Present Tense
Past & Future
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