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The verb conocer (conjugation) means "to know someone" or "to be familiar with a place". It is irregular in the present tense. The ending c changes to zc in the (yo) form (first person singular).

yo conozco (I know)
conoces (you know)
Ud/él/ella conoce (you/he/she knows)
nosotros (as) conocemos (we know)
vosotros (as) conocéis (you guys know)
Uds/ellos/ellas conocen (you all/they know)

Yo conozco a María.
I know María.

¿Conoces Bilbao?
Do you know Bilbao?

Nosotros conocemos al jefe.
We know the boss.

Es una historia que muchos conocen.
It's a story that many people know.

No conocerás a los niños.
You won't know the children.

¿Conociste a tu nueva prima?
Did you meet your new cousin?

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