Verb contar - to count  

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The verb contar (conjugation) means "to count or to tell a story, a joke". It is irregular in the present conjugation, it changes o to ue.

yo cuento (I count)
cuentas (you count)
Ud./él/ella cuenta (you/he/she counts)
nosotros (as) contamos (we count)
vosotros (as) contáis (you guys count)
Uds./ellos/ ellas cuentan (you all/they count)

Cuento contigo.

I count on you.

¿Qué cuentas?

What's new?
Jorge cuenta muchos chistes.

Jorge tells a lot of jokes.

Contamos las botellas que quedaron.

We counted the bottles that were left.

Ellos nos cuentan historias.

They tell us stories.

Cuéntame todo.

Tell me everything.

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