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The Spanish games above are for mobile, tablet and PC. Each Spanish game has numerous categories including adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns, por vs para and many more. Click on any game link above to see the categories associated with that Spanish game. The fun Spanish games below are for teens and adults - not for children. The Spanish games above are NOT intended for children. Spanish games suitable for children can be found at Spanish Games for Kids.

Extensive research has already been conducted for decades on the effects of gaming. Studies were done to determine how quickly students could learn the Spanish alphabet as well as how to conjugate ser and the estar conjugation. In each case, students learned the material more quickly by playing Spanish games to learn Spanish rather than by attending classes on the topic. The conclusion is that playing Spanish games to learn Spanish boosts children’s learning, health and social skills. This directly contradicts the widely heal view that playing Spanish games is intellectually lazy.

Playing Spanish games to learn Spanish actually strengthens a range of cognitive skills such as reasoning, memory and perception. This is particularly true for games related to learning a language. In the classroom, most students have difficulty learning when to correctly use the subjunctive vs indicative tenses. Several studies performed in 2015 found that students mastered this challenge much more quickly by playing Spanish games to learn Spanish as opposed to attending academic Spanish courses.

An in depth analysis performed in 2016 found that playing Spanish games improved a player’s capacity to think more rapidly than academic Spanish courses. One group of students played games to learn the conjugation of the most common Spanish verbs while the control group attended classes on Spanish conjugation. The students playing the Spanish games learned 34% more quickly than the control group. This is why we integrated over 1,000 games into our Spanish for Beginners - Spanish 101 course!

Playing Spanish games to learn Spanish increases the students' capacity to think. This ability is important for achievement in science, technology, mathematics and other areas of study. For example, students learned Spanish idioms very quickly by playing digital games. This enhanced rate of learning was not found with playing other types of learn Spanish games, such as hang-man or cross-word puzzles.

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