Verb prestar  

Resources Top 100 Verbs Verb Prestar- to lend-to borrow

The verb prestar (conjugation) means "to lend" or "to borrow".

yo presto (I lend)
prestas (you lend)
Ud./él/ella presta (you/he/she lends)
nosotros (as) prestamos (we lend)
vosotros (as) prestáis (you guys lend)
Uds./ellos/ ellas prestan (you all/they lend)

Si quieres, te presto mis cd's.
If you want, I lend you my cd's.

¿Me prestas tu grapadora?
Can you lend me your stapler?

Dice que le presta su cacharro.
She says that she can lend you her old car.

Allí prestan dinero.
They lend money there.

Prestar also means to pay attention.

Prestamos atención en la clase.
We pay attention in class.

Present Tense
Past & Future
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