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No me gustó lo que hiciste.
I didn't like what you did.
¿Lo hiciste por mí?
Did you do it for me?
Hiciste lo que haría cualquiera.
You did what anyone would.
¿Hiciste lo que te pedí hacer? Sí, lo hice.
Did you do what I asked you to do? Yes, I did it.
Tú hiciste mal la nota.
You wrote the note badly.
¿ Hiciste la tarea anoche?
Did you do the homework last night?
Hiciste una buena compra.
You made a good purchase.
Una mujer canta la canción Me Hiciste Sufrir.
A woman sings the song You Made Me Suffer.
Hiciste la tarea.
You did the assignment.
No hiciste la tarea.
You did not do the assignment.
¿Hiciste la tarea?
Did you do the assignment?
¿Hiciste tus tareas esta tarde?
Did you do your homework this afternoon?
María, ¿hiciste tus tareas?
Mary, did you do the homework?
Tu hiciste la carrera en la pista.
You ran the race on the track.
Tú hiciste el pastel de mi cumpleaños.
You made my birthday cake.
Tú hiciste que mi hermano estudiara.
You made my brother study.
¿ Hiciste la tarea?
Did you do the homework?
¿Hiciste la tarea antes de llegar a la clase?
Did you do the homework before arriving (antes de llegar) to the class?
¿Que hiciste después?
What did you do later?
Juan, ¿ Por qué no hiciste la tarea?
John, why didn't you do the homework?
¿Qué hiciste tú realmente?»
What did you actually do?'

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