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Quiero besarte.
I want to kiss you.
¿Quiere pescado?
Do you want fish?
Quiero abrazarte.
I want to hug you.
ellos quieren
they want
¿Quiere usar la computadora?
Do you want to use the computer?
No queremos mirar televisión.
We don't want to watch TV.
Eva quiere
Eva wants
Quisieron mirar la televisión.
They wanted to watch TV.
Yo quiero un auto rápido.
I want a fast car.
¿Cuántos dormitorios quiere?
How many bedrooms do you want?
Quiero un niño feliz.
I want a happy child. (masculine)
Ella no quiere tarta.
She doesn't want cake.
Yo quiero un teléfono celular.
I want a cell phone.
Quisiera hacer una reservación.
I would like to make a reservation.
¿Quieres venir conmigo?
Do you want to come with me?
Queremos éste. ¿Cuál ?
We want this one. Which?
¿Quiere usar la internet?
Do you want to use the Internet?
Queremos éstos. ¿Cuáles ?
We want these. Which ones?
¿Cuántas manzanas quiere?
How many apples does he/she want?
¿Quiere usar los audífonos?
Do you want to use the headphones?
No lo quiero.
I don't want it.
¿Quiere ir al hospital?
Do you want to go to the hospital?
Te quiero presentar a una amiga.
I want to introduce you to a friend. (feminine)
Quieres viajar conmigo.
You want to travel with me.
¿Quieres tomar postre ?
Do you want to have dessert?
¿Quiere hacer una denuncia?
Do you want to file a complaint?
¿Adónde queréis ir?
Where would you like to go?
¿Quieres jugar?
Do you want to play?
Feliz cumpleaños, querido.
Happy birthday, my dear!
¿Quieres estudiar conmigo?
Do you want to study with me?
Querría que le hablaras.
He would like you to talk to him.
Quiero que me esperéis.
I want you all to wait for me.
Quiero media manzana.
I want the half of an apple.
¿Qué quiere tomar?
What would you like to drink?
¿Qué quiere comer?
What would you like to eat?
¿Quisiera dejar un mensaje?
Would you like to leave a message?
No quisieron escucharme.
They didn't want to listen to me.
Te quiero, mi amor.
I love you, my love.
Nosotros queremos algo dulce.
We want something sweet.
¿Quiere probar el vehículo?
Would you like to test drive the vehicle?
Ella quiere un beso.
She wants a kiss.
¿Quieres algo de comer?
Would you like something to eat?
¿Quieres algo de beber?
Would you like something to drink?
¿Cuánto quiere gastar mensualmente?
How much do you want to spend each month?
¿Me querrá aun?
Will she (he) still want me?
¿Cuántas naranjas quieres?
How many oranges do you want?
¿Qué querrán decir?
What do they want to say?
Quiero que me acompañes.
I want you to accompany me.
Tú querías resultados.
You were wanting results.
¿Quisiera sentarse en él?
Would you like to sit in the (car)?
¿Quisiera probarlo?
Would you like to try it?
¿Quiere usted enviar dinero?
Do you want to send money?
¿A que país quiere mandarlo?
To what country do you want to send it?
¿Cuánto dinero quiere mandar?
How much money do you want to send?
Quiero algo más barato.
I would like something cheaper.
¿Quiere enviar un giro?
Would you like to send a money order?
Y vosotros ¿ qué queréis ?
And you guys, what do you want?
¿Quiere tomar algo?
Would you like to drink something?
Hola, quiero enviar dinero.
Hi, I want to send money.
Yo ya no quiero viajar.
I don't want to travel anymore.
Quiero fruta fresca.
I want fresh fruit.
(Él) no quiere escuchar
he won't listen
¿Qué quieres?
What do you want?
Querrán ir pronto. ¿Cuándo vas a querer ir? Vamos a querer ir después de comer?
They will want to go soon. When will you want to go? We will want to go after we eat.
¿Quiere hacer un retiro?
Do you want to make a withdrawal?
¿Quiere cambiar su cheque?
Do you want to cash your check?
Quería hablar contigo.
I wanted to speak with you.
¿Quiere depositar su cheque?
Do you want to deposit your check?
No quise asustarte.
I didn't want to scare you.
¿Qué color quiere?
What color do you want?
¿Quieres acompañarme?
Do you want to accompany me?
Quiero enviar esta postal.
I want to send this postcard.
Quiero enviar este paquete.
I want to send this parcel.
Quiero un poco más.
I want a little more.
¿Quiere lentes livianos?
Do you want light-weight lenses?
¿Cuánto quiere depositar?
How much do you want to deposit?
¿Quiere lentes de color?
Do you want colored lenses?
Quiero algo más grande.
I would like something larger.
¿Quiere lentes desechables?
Do you want disposable lenses?
No quiero discutir contigo.
I don't want to argue with you.
Nos queremos mucho.
We love each other a lot.
¿Quieres bailar?
Do you want to dance?
Yo quiero comer.
I want to eat.
tú quieres
you want
Quiero comer.
I want to eat.
Yo no quiero ensalada.
I don't want salad.
Quiero algo más grande.
I would like something larger.
Él quiere dormir.
He wants to sleep.
¿Quisiera usted un recibo?
Would you like a receipt?
Quiere dormir.
He wants to sleep.
¿Quisiera usted cobrarlo?
Would you like to cash it?
¿Quiere lentes livianos?
Do you want light-weight lenses?
¿Quiere postre?
Do you want dessert?
Si no quieres no me escuches.
If you don't want to, don't listen to me.
¿Quieres casarte conmigo?
Will you marry me?
¿Para cuándo la querrás?
For when will you want it?
¿Quieres salir conmigo?
Do you want to go out with me?
Querer es poder.
To want is to be able. (Where there's a will there's a way).
¿Adónde quiere ir?
Where do you want to go?
¿Qué quieres en realidad?
What do you want anyhow?
¿Quién puede querer esto?
Who would want this to happen?
Se dice querer protegerlos.
We say that we want to protect human rights.
Querer es poder.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
Querer es poder.
Where there is a will, there is always a way.
«Querer es poder».
'Where there is a will there is a way'.
Querer es poder...
Where there is a will there is a way ...
Querer es poder.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Querer abarcar demasiado, resulta contraproducente.
If one wishes to go too far, one becomes counter-productive.
¿Quién puede querer oponerse a él?
Who could possibly be opposed to it?
Querer no es suficiente, debemos actuar".
Willing is not enough; we must do'.
Me parece un no querer enfrentarse con la realidad.
We are trying to deny the obvious!
Parece querer aislar el país completamente.
He appears to want to isolate the country completely.
Bruselas parece querer atacar esta plaga.
It appears that Brussels wishes to tackle this scourge.
¿Por qué querer sobrepujar en estos ámbitos?
Why, therefore, do we want to over-emphasise these fields?
Creo que es justo querer hacer esto.
I believe it is right to want to do so.
Europa no parece querer seguir esta dirección.
Europe seems not to want to move in the same direction.
Sólo nuestro Parlamento parece querer denunciarla.
Only this Parliament seems willing to denounce it.
A nosotros corresponde saber y querer explotarlas.
It is up to us to be able to and willing to exploit these means.
Sin querer polemizar, tenemos derecho a interrogarnos.
We do not want to create conflict, but we have every right to question each other.
Hemos demostrado que «querer es poder».
We have shown that 'where there's a will, there's a way'.
En el espacio de un momento pasamos de querer retener los impuestos de matriculación a querer eliminarlos.
In the space of a moment we go from wanting to retain registration taxes to wanting to do away with them.
Pueden querer que algo ocurra, lo pueden querer mucho, pero tienen que ver la realidad.
You can want something to happen - you can want something to happen very badly - but you need to see the reality.
Al querer huir del pasado, bloquean su propio futuro.
They may want to escape their past, but they are compromising their own future in the process.
No debemos querer responder a todo precio a un mercado en constante evolución.
We must not seek to respond at any price to a constantly developing market.
¿Cómo entonces querer encontrar soluciones armonizadas a escala europea?
So how is it therefore possible to find solutions standardised for the whole of Europe?
Por ejemplo, uno piensa sin querer en la publicidad.
For instance, advertising comes to mind.
Es una cuestión de querer aplicar ellos mismos el castigo.
It is a question of it wanting to do the punishing itself.
Más bien parece querer decir que Turquía no es muy bienvenida.
It rather implies that Turkey is not very welcome.
Lejos de querer suprimir derechos adquiridos, pretendemos reforzarlos.
Far from wishing to encroach upon acquired rights, we seek to reinforce them.
Es difícil querer más Europa sin un presupuesto suficientemente dotado.
It is difficult to want more Europe without an adequate budget.
El Parlamento Europeo no puede querer eliminar estos valores.
The European Parliament cannot wish to remove these values.
Fueron encarcelados por querer exactamente lo mismo que queremos nosotros.
They were imprisoned because they want the very same things that we want.
Nosotros no queremos hacernos dependientes, ni nadie debe querer serlo.
We do not want to become dependent - and neither should anybody else.
¿Por qué íbamos a querer cerrar nuestros mercados a la competencia justa?
Why would we want to shut our markets to fair competition?
Ahora bien, esto no significa querer un enfoque puramente contable.
That does not mean, however, that we want a purely accountancy-based approach.
Me resulta muy difícil, como homosexual, no querer incluir específicamente la homofobia.
It is extremely difficult for me as a gay man not to want to include specifically homophobia.
Las autoridades locales, no obstante, parecen no querer dar su brazo a torcer.
The local authorities, however, seem to be standing their ground.
Primero, el conductor debe querer beneficiarse de un vehículo inteligente.
Firstly, he should want to benefit from an intelligent car.
Prefiere decirles lo qué creemos que deberían querer.
It much prefers to tell them how we feel what they should want.
Trabajar con Israel es querer trabajar por la paz.
To work with Israel is to work for peace.
Porque querer ser los mejores no es suficiente para serlo.
Because wanting to be the best is not sufficient to be the best.
Está muy bien querer tener buenas relaciones comerciales con Marruecos.
It all very well to want good trade relations with Morocco.
Nuestros motivos para querer que así sea son bastante simples.
Our reasons for wanting to do so are quite simple.
La política supone querer y tener la voluntad de actuar.
Politics is all about will, about having the will to do things.
Por ello, no se puede querer patentar estas cosas.
So surely nobody can seek to patent these things.
Actualmente, es muy grande la tentación de querer eludirlo.
There is a very great temptation now to try to wriggle out of the situation.
Por querer prohibirlo todo, se impide la aplicación del Convenio.
By wanting to prohibit everything, we are preventing the implementation of the Convention.
No se pueden querer dos cosas al mismo tiempo.
It is not possible to do two things at once.
"Hacer política es querer» dijo una vez Olof Palme.
Olof Palme once said "Politics is a question of the will' .
En interés de los afectados, ¡hay que querer más!
In the interests of those affected, we must want more!

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