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Creo que le pasa algo.
I think something is happening to him.
Yo creo que las muchachas se pondrán enfermas.
I believe that the girls will get sick.
No creo que lo tome.
I don't think he will take it.
Yo creo que el libro está en la biblioteca.
I believe that the book is in the library.
Yo creía que ella se las dio a él.
I thought that she gave them to him.
Ver es creer.
To see is to believe. (Seeing is believing).
¿Crees que tú vas a poder ir conmigo?
Do you think that you are going to be able to go with me?
Creo que cometió un error.
I think you've made a mistake.
No me creerás pero me ha gustado.
You'll never believe it but I liked it.
Yo creo que María hizo la tarea ayer.
I think that Mary did the homework yesterday.
Yo creo que el periódico está en la biblioteca.
I believe that the newspaper is in the library.
¿Crees que podrás encontrar el gato?
Do you think that you will be able to find the jack?
Creo que voy a comer el pollo asado.
I think I'm going to eat roasted chicken.
¿Cuántos años cree que tengo?
How old do you think I am?
Creo que pediré el pollo.
I think that I will order the chicken.
Creía que María haría sus tareas esta tarde.
I thought that Mary would do her homework this afternoon.
Nosotros creemos que el regalo es bonito.
We think that the gift is nice (pretty).
Creemos que ella es bonita.
We think that she is pretty.
Creíamos que ella era bonita.
We thought that she was pretty.
Creía que ella se había acostado.
I thought that she had gone to bed.
No creo que él tenga el dinero.
I don't believe he has the money.
No creo que haga daño a nadie.
I don't think it's bothering anyone.
Creo que hay un error.
I think there is a mistake.
Creo que María tiene once primos.
I believe that Mary has 11 cousins.
No creo que sea tan miedosa.
I don't think she's that easily scared.
Sebastián no creía que Amélie viniera.
Sebastian didn't think that Amelie would come.
Créemelo, va a venir.
Believe me, he is going to come.
Creia que aprobaría el examen.
He thought he would pass the exam.
¿Qué se creían?
Who do they think they were?
No hay nadie que lo crea.
There is no one who would believe it.
Yo creía que ella la iba a tomar.
I thought that she was going to take it.
No es tan fácil como usted cree.
It is not as easy as you believe.
Yo creía que Juan me iba a ayudar.
I thought that John was going to help me.
No creía que tenía tantas casas como usted.
I did not believe he had as many houses as you.
Juan, yo creía que tú me ibas a poder ayudar.
John, I thought that you were going to be able to help me.
María creía que yo la iba a ayudar.
Mary thought that I was going to help her.
No creía que viniera.
I didn't think he would come.
¿Crees que debería aceptar?
Do you think I should accept?
¿Qué cree que sería justo?
What do you think is fair?
¿Cómo cree que están las relaciones con la administración?
How do you think management relations are?
Nosotros creíamos que los muchachos nos iban a ayudar.
We thought that the boys were going to help us.
¿Crees que seguirá molestando?
Do you think he'll keep being annoying?
¿Crees que nosotros vamos a poder ayudar a los muchachos?
Do you think we will be able to help the boys?
Yo creo que a Juan le gusta el beisbol.
I think that John likes baseball.
Rafael pensó en su trabajo.
Rafael thought about his work.
Mi padre sabrá en que creer.
My father will know what to beleive.
Creo que sí, pero no estoy seguro.
I think so, but I'm not sure.
No creo que vuelva antes.
I don't believe that I return before.
No creo que lleguen a tiempo.
I don't think that they will arrive on time.
No creo que pasemos a veros.
I do not think that they will pass by to see you all.
No creo que tengáis tiempo.
I do not think that you all have time.
No creo que lo conozcas.
I don't think that you know him.
No creí ni una palabra de ello.
I did not believe a word of it.
No creo que puedan verla.
I don't think that they can see her.
Yo creo que Juan está en la biblioteca.
I believe that John is in the library.
No creo que tengas tiempo.
I don't think that you have time.
Yo creía que Juan iba a aprender las palabras.
I thought that John was going to learn the words.
Yo creía que Juan habia aprendido las palabras.
I thought that John had learned the words.
Ella nunca cree nada.
She never believes anything.
Yo creo que yo me pondré enfermo.
I think that I will get sick.
¿Crees que te pondrás enfermo?
Do you think that you will get sick?
Yo creo que Juan lo perderá.
I think that John will lose it.
Yo creo que Juan se pondrá enfermo.
I think that John will get sick.
Yo creo que María se pondrá enferma.
I think that Mary will get sick.
¿Crees que hay un partido de fútbol mañana?
Do you know if there is a soccer game tomorrow?
Yo creo que nosotros nos pondremos enfermos.
I believe that we will get sick.
Yo creo que los muchachos se pondrán enfermos.
I believe that the boys will get sick.
Creo que tengo un virus.
I think I have a virus.
No creemos que escribas la carta.
We don't think you will write the letter.
Creo que no hay señal.
I don't think there's reception.
Creo que puedo permitírmelo.
I think I can afford it.
Muchos padres creen ciegamente en sus hijos.
Many parents believe blindly in their children.
¿Crees que tú vas a poder ir con nosotros?
Do you think that you are going to be able to go with us?
¿Crees que tú vas a poder ir con ellos?
Do you think that you are going to be able to go with them?
Yo creo que nosotros vamos a poder ayudar a María.
I think that we are going to be able to help Mary.
Yo creía que iba a hacer frío hoy.
I thought that it was going to be cold today.
(Yo) creo lo que dice
I believe what he says
Yo creo que María los trae.
I think that Mary is bringing them.
Creo que vamos a visitar la ciudad de Toledo.
I believe that we are going to visit the city of Toledo.
¿Crees que tú puedes ir al museo mañana?
Do you think that you can go to the museum tomorrow?
No, creo que voy a comer una ensalada.
No, I believe that I am going to eat a salad.
Yo creo que la medicina se llama "Zithromax."
I believe that the medicine is called "Zithromax."
Yo creo que nosotros podemos ayudar a Juan.
I think that we can help John.
Yo creo que nosotros lo podemos ayudar.
I think that we can help him.
Yo creía que tú ibas a ir a la tienda.
I thought that you were going to go to the store.
Yo creo que a María le gusta el regalo.
I believe that Mary likes the gift.
¿ Crees que los muchachos nos pueden ayudar?
Do you think that the boys can help us?
Yo creo que el examen va a ser difícil.
I believe that the exam is going to be difficult.
No te creo.
I do not believe you.
Yo creo que a ellos les va a gustar.
I think that they are going to like it.
Yo creía que Juan se lo iba a entregar.
I thought that John was going to deliver it to him.
¿Crees en Dios?
Do you beleive in God?
Creo que él tiene el dinero.
I believe that he has the money.
Yo creo que la muchacha necesita el libro.
I believe that the girl needs the book.
Creo que me he equivocado.
I think I have made a mistake.
Yo creo que Juan conoce al muchacho.
I think that John knows the boy.
Creo que te has equivocado.
I think you have made a mistake.
No creo en las profecías.
I don't believe in prophesies.
Yo creo que Juan lo conoce.
I think that John knows him.
Yo creo que Juan conoce a la muchacha.
I think that John knows the girl.
¿A quién creer?
Which of these is it?
¿No resulta difícil de creer?
Is it not beyond belief?
Verdaderamente no lo puedo creer.
I really cannot believe that.
No me parece que podamos creer eso.
I do not think we can believe that.
Es realmente difícil de creer.
It really is hard to credit.
Comenzó a creer en la vida.
He started believing in life.
¿Debo creer lo que dicen?
Should I believe in them?
No podía creer lo que escuchaba.
I could not believe my ears.
No me puedo creer nada de eso.
The whole thing is quite inconceivable.
Quiero creer que hay errores de transmisión.
I would like to think that perhaps the message was not passed on.
No tengo ninguna razón para creer lo contrario.
I have no reason to believe that will not be the case.
Tenemos que creer en la nueva generación.
We must believe in the new generation.
Permítanme creer que sí nos ofrece posibilidades.
Let me believe that it opens possibilities.
No debemos creer que va a ser fácil.
Let us be under no illusions that it will be easy.
Así pues, ¿qué afirmación hay que creer?
So which statement do you believe?
Resulta inaudito y difícil de creer.
It is incredible and hard to believe.
No van a creer que lucho contra el paro.
They will not believe a word I say about tackling unemployment.
Necesita dignidad para creer en sus oportunidades.
They need dignity so they can believe they have an opportunity in the first place.
Persisto en creer lo que he dicho.
I continue to believe this and I insist on saying it.
La libertad de creer en una religión, o de no creer en ninguna, está garantizada.
The freedom to believe in a religion, or not to do so, is guaranteed.
Dejemos de hacer creer o acabar por hacer creer a los demás que no vivimos en democracias.
Let us stop making others think, or ending up making them think, that we do not live in democracies.
Un crucifijo en el aula no obliga a nadie a creer o dejar de creer.
A crucifix in the classroom does not force anyone to believe, or not to believe.
Me cuesta creer que podamos lograrla a través de la cooperación intergubernamental.
I can hardly believe that we will ever achieve this at intergovernmental level.
No debemos hacer creer a la gente que esto no vaya a costar esfuerzos.
Let us not delude people into thinking they will not need to make any sacrifices.
Queridos amigos, tenemos que creer en las palabras que escribimos.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is about our believing in the words we write.
Francamente no puedo creer que todo esto beneficie el comercio electrónico.
Quite frankly, I cannot believe that all this will benefit electronic commerce.
Quisiera creer que están dispuestos a avanzar por ese camino.
I would like to believe that the Turks are prepared to embark upon that path.
Quisiera creer que estas herramientas también sirven en Oriente Medio.
I really would like to believe that they might work in the Middle East, too.
Es necesario que la gente vuelva a creer en el futuro.
What needs to happen is for people to start believing in the future again.
Resulta difícil de creer leyendo el informe Garot.
Reading the Garot report, it is hard to believe that.
Estos datos son escandalosos y difíciles de creer.
That is scandalous beyond belief.
Lo cierto es que no puedo creer que lo sean.
The fact is that I cannot seriously believe that they will be.
Cuesta creer que acabe de llegar aquí al Parlamento.
It is hard to believe that she has only just arrived here in Parliament.
Los ciudadanos, sin embargo, han comenzado a dejar de creer.
The citizens, though, are starting to no longer believe.
Debemos creer en las buenas intenciones de ambas partes.
There needs to be a belief in good intentions on either side.
Resulta difícil creer, intelectualmente, que se pueda argumentar así.
It is pushing it, intellectually, to argue along those lines.
Resulta difícil creer que alguien pueda sentirse sorprendido.
It is difficult to believe that it has actually taken anybody by surprise at all.
Es hora de dejar de creer en ese ridículo mito.
It is time to give up that silly myth.
Durante algún tiempo, se les hizo creer que así sería.
For some time, they were led to believe that it would.
Y es ilusorio creer que nadie lo utilizará de precedente.
And it is wishful thinking to believe that nobody will use it as a precedent.
No puedo creer que eso sea lo que realmente quiere.
I cannot believe that that is what you really want.
Como pasajero habitual, eso me parece difícil, si no imposible, de creer.
As a regular air traveller, I find that difficult, if not impossible, to believe.
Parece creer que todos estamos de acuerdo con él.
He seems to assume that we all agree with him.
Por tanto, no debemos creer en un enfoque global.
So let us not believe in a global approach.
Me resulta difícil creer que eso signifique proteger al consumidor.
I find it hard to believe that this denotes consumer protection.
No tenemos motivos para creer que el metal sea particularmente tóxico.
We have no grounds for believing that the metal is particularly toxic.
Sencillamente, nos negamos a creer que algo así sea posible.
You simply do not want to believe that such a thing is possible at all.
Esto no es un problema, como muchos de ustedes parecen creer.
This is not a problem, as many seem to think.
¿Cómo voy a empezar de repente a creer en lo que dice?
How can we suddenly start believing what you say?
Es ridículo creer que se puede ahorrar en este ámbito.
It is ridiculous to believe that savings can be made in this area.

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