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Spanish Word: fabricación

English Translation: manufacture

Translated sentences containing 'fabricación'
Responsabilidad por la fabricación de un producto.
Responsibility for the manufactoring of a product.
La fabricación transforma las materias primas en productos.
Manufactoring transforms raw materials into products.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  fabrique - pres. subj. of [fabricar]
  fácil - easy
  facilidad - ease
  falso,falsa - false, wrong
  falta - mistake; [hacer ----], to be necessary;
  faltriquera - pocket
  fama - reputation; = ---- es=, the story goes
  familia - family
  famoso,famosa - famous
  fanfarria - fanfare
  fantasía - fancy, imagination
  farsa - farce
  fatal - fatal
  fatigado,fatigada - tired, worn out
  favor - favor; [a ---- de], in favor of, in...
  faz - face
  - faith; [a ---- mía], upon my word
  febrero - February
  fecundísimo,fecundísima - very fertile
  fecundo,fecunda - fertile

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