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In addition to teaching standard Spanish, we also teach regional vocabulary and expressions. This allows the user to more fully appreciate the richness and diversity of Spanish cultures found all over the world. Let's consider for a moment the ubiquitous urban bus. In Spain, a bus is usually referred to as autobús or autocar. In Argentina, it is commonly called a colectivo, in Perú it is known as ómnibus, while in Colombia and Venezuela, a common term is buseta. You will hear the term micro in Uruguay, in Chile and Mexico, one says camión. In Bolivia, it is common to hear the term, flota, while in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the term guagua is used. In the Dominican Republic tap-tap is used to refer to mico-buses. Of course, every educated Spanish speaker knows that autobús means "bus".

Popular Phrase: sorprender conjugation | Learn Medical Spanish | Conjugated Verb: especializar - to specialize [ click for full conjugation ]

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