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Spanish Word: fantasía

English Translation: fancy, imagination

Translated sentences containing 'fantasía'
El enfermo erraba entre la realidad y la fantasía.
The sick man was wandering in and out of consciousness.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  farsa - farce
  fatal - fatal
  fatigado,fatigada - tired, worn out
  favor - favor; [a ---- de], in favor of, in...
  faz - face
  - faith; [a ---- mía], upon my word
  febrero - February
  fecundísimo,fecundísima - very fertile
  fecundo,fecunda - fertile
  fecha - date
  federal - federal
  Federico - Frederick
  Felipe - Philip
  feliz - happy
  felizmente - happily, without mishap
  feo,fea - ugly
  feria - fair
  Fernando - Ferdinand
  feroz - ferocious
  ferrocarril - railroad

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