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Spanish Word: falta

English Translation: mistake; [hacer ----], to be necessary;

Translated sentences containing 'falta'
No, no fue falta de mi amor, él fue quien me abandonó.
It was not lack of my love, he was the one who left me.
No hace falta mucho dinero para ser feliz, pero un poco si.
One does not need much money to be happy, but one does need a little.
A la fotocopiadora le falta papel.
The copy machine is out of paper.
A la impresora le falta papel.
The printer is out of paper.
A la impresora le falta tinta.
The printer is out of ink.
Falta hacerlo.
That is what is needed.
Falta debate y falta entendimiento.
There is a lack of discussion and a lack of understanding.
Hará falta mucho trabajo.
A great deal of work needs to be done.
Hace falta algo más.
It will take a bit more than that to convince people.
Hace falta una ruptura.
What is needed is a complete break with the past.
Vendré sin falta a escucharles.
I will certainly come and listen.
Falta traducirla en actos.
All that remains is to turn it into action.
Hará falta mucha presión.
A lot of pressure needs to be applied.
No hace falta que siga.
I have no need to go on.
¿Qué hace falta entonces?
What is to be done then?
¿Hace falta dinero?
There is not enough money?
¿A una falta de inversión?
To a shortage of investment?
Hace falta otro planteamiento.
A new approach is needed.
A Iraq no le falta dinero.
Iraq does not lack money.
No nos hace falta otro.
We do not need another.
¡Le falta un tornillo!
He has lost his marbles!
¿Qué hace falta mejorar?
What needs to be improved?
Ahí falta una palabra.
A word is missing there.
Nos falta esa visión.
We are lacking that vision.
No les falta trabajo.
There is no shortage of work.
Hace falta transporte.
What is needed is transport.
¿Cuánto falta para eso?
How far are we now?
Respuesta: normalmente no, falta normativa.
The answer is: normally not, because there are no rules for such a situation.
Tercero, falta autoconfianza.
Thirdly, there is a lack of self-confidence.
¡Y hacen falta acciones!
And action is what is needed!
Es una falta grave.
That is a great failing.
Pero hará falta tiempo.
But it will take time.
Hace falta vigilancia.
We must be on our guard.
Nos hace falta, Presidente.
We need that, Mr President.
¿Qué hace falta además?
What else do we need?
Falta mucho por hacer.
Much remains to be done.
Nos falta un elemento.
Part of it still needs to be done.
Efectivamente, no le falta razón.
As ever, his remarks were pertinent and largely justified.
Falta mucho por hacer.
Much remains to be done.
No obstante, falta mucho.
There is, however, a very great deal which remains to be done.
Hay falta de crecimiento económico y falta de productividad.
We have both a lack of economic growth and a lack of productivity.
Hacen falta coherencia y acciones.
Consistency and action are needed.
Le falta el incentivo económico.
There is no financial incentive.
Llego algo falta de aliento.
I am a little out of breath.
Ahí falta una idea clara.
There is no clear strategy.
En todos ellos falta algo.
There is always something missing.
También hacen falta empresas privadas.
There is also a need for private enterprises.
Segunda: la falta de transparencia.
Secondly, there is a lack of transparency.
Falta aún mucho por hacer.
There is a lot still to do.
Falta extraer las consecuencias operativas.
We still need to draw operational consequences from this.
Echamos en falta compromisos concretos.
We note the lack of concrete commitments.
Esto es lo que falta.
These are what are needed.
No hará falta que lo repita.
I do not need to repeat that.
¿Hace falta un perro lazarillo?
Would a guide dog help?
Aquí hace falta un balance.
What is required here is a balance.
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