Basic Spanish 101 - The Present  

Below is a step-by-step Introduction to Spanish. These lessons will teach you how to speak in the present about the present. To learn how to speak about events which occurred in the past, go to Lessons on the Preterite. These lessons assume you have NEVER studied Spanish. If these lessons are too basic, or if you have a specific grammar question, go to Spanish Grammar, Videos & Quizzes.

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PronunciationPronunciation of Spanish letters Group 1hello, goodbye, introductions, feelings, i like it, days Group 2weather, months, "the", family, identity, 1 to 10
Group 3words you know, "a" and "an", gender, origin, number, describing people Group 4you and I, food, he and she, location, descriptions Group 5personal pronouns, -er verbs, to have, -ar verbs, to need, existence
Group 6to want, negation, to walk, 11 to 20, -ir verbs Group 7to see, tĂș vs usted, describing things, colors, opposites Group 8more opposites, estar, ser, questions, more questions, mine, yours, clothing
Group 9this, that, those, personal a, contractions, location Group 1020 to 29, to have, using to have, 30 to 90, to have to, I'm going to, going to Group 11using vez, with, with me, with you, pain, human body, feelings 2
Group 12negative 1, negative 2, confused words, to need 2, how much, how many Group 13to want 2, mucho poco 2, muy vs mucho, to speak, to understand, to make/to do Private Tutors
Group 14who-whom, telling time 1, telling time 2, to be able, to see, to open Group 15por vs para, present progressive, what-which, city 1, city 2 Group 16house, apartment, to prepare, to think, to know (conocer), to know (saber)
Group 17por vs para 2, to close, to give, to put, por vs para 3, otro Group 18to hear, acabar de, indefinite adjectives, deber, should-would-could, must Group 19to take, comparisons 1, comparisons 2, comparisons 3, superlatives, IOP
Group 20to like, to have pain, to drink, to prefer, to sleep, to play Group 21come and go, pensar + infinitive, direct objects, DOP, to lose Group 22to bring, this 2, that 2, those 2, augmentatives, diminutives
Group 23present progressive 2, reflexive pronouns, reflexive verbs, reciprocal verbs, buen vs bien Group 24to drive, commands, "no" commands, irregular commands, impersonal expressions, DOP Feedback Form

Popular Phrase: conjugation of graduarse | Conjugated Verb: cachetear - to slap [ click for full conjugation ]