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How do I subscribe to your website?

If you wish to subscribe to our website, please click here. As a subscriber, you access our premium content on If you have questions about your subscription, please contact us through the email:

How do I log into your website?

Normally, it is NOT necessary to log into anything. We automatically recognize our subscribers. If you want to use your subscription on a new computer or another device, you access our premium content by logging into MediaPass. You will NOT access the premium content by logging into our website.

If a page with large blue buttons is preventing you from viewing our content, then click on one of the buttons and enter your subscription information. If you are NOT being prevented from viewing our content, then you are already logged into MediaPass.

As a subscriber, you access our premium content on If you have questions about your subscription, please contact us through the email:

May I use the resources of 123TeachMe in my classroom?

123TeachMe is used by more than two million students each month! It is the largest website in the world for learning Spanish, with over 500 Spanish lessons, more than 3,000 quizzes, hundreds of games, and over 12,000 pages of quality content. Did I forget to mention that we provide more than 50,000 mp3 audio files which range from novice to superior level?

Teachers around the world rely on 123TeachMe to enrich the educational experience before, during and after class. 123TeachMe increases in-class participation and provides an enhanced out-of-class experience for each student. Students learn on their phones, tablets and laptops, wherever and whenever they choose. Teachers can greatly enhance the experience of their students by subscribing to the website. Subscribers see NO advertising! A subscription developed exclusively for teachers will allow you to legally share thousands of pages of premium content with ALL your students!

Is there a cost to use 123TeachMe?

Sections of the website which provide premium content are available only to subscribers. Don't worry, we still provide more FREE resources for learning Spanish than any other website in the world.

How did you decide which vocabulary words to include?

First and foremost, we focus on words which are actually used in every day conversation. These may NOT be the same words found in dusty dictionaries on the library shelf. We also take into account the frequency with which the word is used and the total number of countries where the word is used. We present vocabulary from Spain as well as every country in Latin American.

What is the teaching philosophy of 123TeachMe?

The world we live in is integrated and cross-disciplinary. When one is learning a language, the brain searches for patterns and connections in order to build meaning. A language course compartmentalized into separate content areas does NOT provide meaningful patterns and connections. However, an integrated, balanced curriculum promotes this type of brain growth and development. The National Association of State Boards of Education proclaims that “the balanced, integrated curriculum is based on best knowledge” of how we all learn. The innovative teaching methods developed by 123TeachMe are based on best knowledge of language acquisition.

Do you teach the Spanish used in Spain or the Spanish used in Mexico and South America?

Only 10% of Spanish speakers live in Spain and not everyone in Spain speaks Spanish. Spain also has regional languages:
Aranese is spoken mainly in the Pyrenean comarca of the Aran Valley (Val d'Aran), Basque, is spoken in the Basque Country and northern Navarre, Catalanis spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Galician is spoken Galicia. It is also spoken without official recognition in the adjacent western parts of the Principality of Asturias and Castile and León.

A different Spanish is spoken in every part of the world. The majority of our resources feature a neutral, standard Spanish which may be understood by all educated Spanish speakers.

I need to learn basic Spanish. Where do I begin?

Use our guidelines for teaching yourself Spanish. Go to: Teach Yourself Spanish.

How can I contact 123TeachMe?

Please contact us through our contact form.

User Feedback: April 6, 2014

"...this is the best language learning site I have tried. Better than Rosetta stone or duolingo. Keep up the great work."

User Feedback: March 23, 2014

"...THE BEST SITE OF ITS KIND...EXTREMELY HELPFUL.. In many ways..better than Rosetta stone"

User Feedback: March 1, 2014

"I am thrilled with and want to thank you for this wonderful resource. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU."

User Feedback: December 5, 2013

"...just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job! I met my future Panamanian wife 3 years ago and at that time Spanish looked like a serious obstacle for me. Now I am a fluent speaker and have no problems understanding the language... I don't believe in expensive courses, I believe the key to success is self education and thanks to your webpage it has become very easy."

User Feedback: October 14, 2013
"This website and those responsible for putting it together and maintaining it are incredible. I've been able to teach myself Spanish from this site and a few supplementary readings.... Thanks so much for providing this, you have no idea how much this helps me personally and professionally."

User Feedback: September 15, 2013
"This site is .......(getting my breath) the greatest site or any kind of media that I have ever seen. It is constructed very well and easy to operate. My sombrero is off to all who is/was involved with the creation of this site. :)"

Should I buy CDs that will teach me Spanish in a few weeks?

It is not possible to learn any language in a few weeks. 123TeachMe provides all the tools you need to begin speaking Spanish today. How quickly you progress depends upon your current level of knowledge and your commitment to learn.

Can I speak Spanish without learning any grammar?

You can speak any language without learning grammar - this is proven whenever you visit a fast-food restaurant. We understand that every student has different interests and needs. We allow the student to decide if they want to learn a little grammar or a lot of grammar. Just remember, learning a little grammar will make language acquisition much faster and less painful!

When I click on the sound icon, nothing happens. How can I hear the sounds on your website?

Audio is an essential part of learning any language. This why 123TeachMe provides over 90,000 audio files throughout the website. It is critical that you resolve any problems you have related to the audio files. First, click on this icon -> to see if you hear anything. The problem could just be that the sound file was missing on a particular page. Did you hear the sound when you clicked on the icon? If so, then everything is working as it should be. If not, then the problem lies elsewhere. Most of the sounds on the website are stored in MP3 format, so make certain that you have software installed that is capable of playing MP3 files and make sure that software is setup to play them by default. Next, make sure that you have Javascript and Flash enabled in your web browser as these are used as well.

How do you determine the language school ratings?

We don't. Each Spanish school is rated by the students who have attended the school. Students submit comments and evaluations of each school they have attended. Sometimes the overall ratings will NOT match-up with the most recent student ratings. This is due to the fact that the overall rating is an average of ALL the individual ratings of students over several years while space limitations only allow us to show the most recent ratings and comments from students.

We hope to hear from you and receive your evaluation of the school you attend.

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