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¿Pudiste cambiar la llanta?
Were you able to change the tire?
¿Pudiste sacar las otras tuercas?
Were you able to take off the other nuts?
¿Pudiste hacer tus tareas esta tarde?
Were you able to do your homework this afternoon?
¿Pudiste ir a la tienda ayer?
Were you able to go to the store yesterday?
¿Pudiste resolver el problema?
Were you able the solve the problem?
¿Pudiste ayudar a Juan?
Were you able to help John?
¿Pudiste ayudar a los muchachos?
Could you help the boys?
¿Pudiste encontrar a alguien que pudiera ayudarnos?
Were you able to find anyone who could help us?
Sentímos que no pudiste asistir a nuestra reunión.
We're sorry you couldn't attend our reunion.
¿El pánico se apoderó de ti y no pudiste reaccionar?
You were seized with panic and couldn´t react?
¿Pudiste cambiarle el billete de a mil a Francisco?
Were you able to change that thousand peso bill for Francisco?

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