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Ustedes dos pueden adquirir la propiedad en pro-indiviso.
You both can acquire the property in joint ownership.
Debemos mantenernos fieles al reconocimiento indiviso de la isla.
We must stand by our insistence that the island is a single undivided unit.
El mandato indiviso de ocho años del Presidente del BCE constituye una garantía de su independencia personal.
The President of the ECB's eight year term of office is proof of his personal independence.
En los años cincuenta yo compartía la opinión de que un Chipre indiviso e independiente era preferible a un Chipre dividido entre Grecia y Turquía a raíz de la descolonización.
In the fifties, I shared the view that an undivided and independent Cyprus would be preferable to an island carved up between Greece and Turkey following decolonisation.

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