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Mario tira el anzuelo a los peces. Mario les tira el anzuelo.
Mario throws the fish hook to the fishes. Mario throws them the fish hook.
Por tanto, Comisario Borg, mi consejo es "¡lance su anzuelo!".
So, Commissioner Borg, my advice is 'sling your hook'!
Pero no podemos seguir mordiendo el anzuelo de las falsas promesas para el día de mañana.
However, we cannot keep falling for fake promises of jam tomorrow.
La Comisión Europea ha seguido afortunadamente la mayoría de las recomendaciones y eso significa que en lo que a nosotros respecta se ha recogido el anzuelo del debate.
Thankfully the European Commission has acted upon most recommendations, and that means that as far as we are concerned, the sting has been taken out of the debate.

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Popular Phrase: future subjunctive spanish | Free Spanish Lessons | Conjugated Verb: entusiasmarse - to get excited, become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm] [ click for full conjugation ]