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Spanish Word: tenga

English Translation: pres. subj. of [tener]

Translated sentences containing 'tenga'
Yo espero que la farmacia tenga la medicina.
I hope that the drug store has the medicine.
Cuando esté trabajando tenga cuidado con la carga eléctrica estática.
When working, beware of static electricity charge.
Tenga Ud. paciencia.
Be pacient. (you - formal)
No me sorprende que Carla tenga éxito.
It does not surprise me that Carla is successful.
Aunque tenga dinero no va a comprarse un coche.
He is not going to buy a car, although he has the money to do it.
Aunque tenga que decirlo.
Even I have to say it.
Espero que tenga éxito.
I hope it is successful.
Espero que tenga continuidad.
I hope this can be continued.
No tenga la menor duda.
You can be absolutely certain of that.
Espero que tenga éxito, Europa necesita que lo tenga.
I hope that you are successful – Europe needs you to be successful.
¿No le preocupa que no tenga presidente?
Are you not a little concerned that there is no chairman at the moment?
Esperemos que ésta tenga éxito.
Let us hope that it will be successful this time round.
Quizás tenga más suerte hoy.
Perhaps I will be in luck today.
Espero que eso tenga sentido.
I hope that makes sense.
No creo que esto tenga sentido.
I do not think that makes sense.
Queremos que tenga verdadera autoridad.
We want him to have genuine authority.
Espero que tenga mucho éxito.
I wish you much success!
Creo que seguramente tenga razón.
I think that is probably right.
No creo que tenga que nombrarlos.
I do not think I have to name them.
Sí, puede que tenga razón.
Yes, you may well be right.
Espero que ella tenga respuestas.
I hope her questions will be answered.
Ruego que se tenga en cuenta.
I would ask for this to be considered.
Tenga la amabilidad de adoptar medidas inmediatas.
Please be so kind, take the measures today.
Espero que este proyecto tenga éxito.
I hope that this project will be a success.
Harán que este Parlamento tenga más sentido.
They will make this Parliament more meaningful.
Quizá tenga ocasión mañana por la mañana.
Perhaps I will have a chance tomorrow morning.
Espero que se les tenga en consideración.
I hope those will be taken on board.
También necesitamos que Abu Mazen tenga éxito.
We also need Abu Mazen to be successful.
Espero que el Presidente tenga éxito.
I wish the President success.
Otra cuestión es que tenga o no razón.
Whether it is right is a different issue.
Queremos que la Presidencia italiana tenga éxito.
We want the Italian Presidency to be a success.
Nosotros queremos que tenga esa libertad.
We want you to have that freedom.
No creo que esto tenga demasiado sentido.
There is no point in doing this, I do not think.
Espero que se tenga en cuenta.
I hope this will be listened to.
No obstante, le deseamos que tenga éxito.
However, we wish you success.
Es muy posible que tenga razón.
He may well be right.
No es que tenga miedo al no, ¡al contrario!
It is not because I am afraid of a no vote - far from it!
Señor Higgins, probablemente tenga usted razón.
Mr Higgins, you are probably quite right.
No creemos que una desregulación asimétrica tenga sentido.
We do not believe that asymmetric deregulation makes sense.
No obstante, esperemos que tenga lugar muy pronto.
But hopefully it will happen very soon.
No es extraño que Europa tenga un problema.
No wonder Europe has a problem.
Todo aquel que tenga conciencia es pacifista.
Anybody of sound mind is a pacifist.
No obstante, puede que tenga consecuencias inesperadas.
However, it might have some unintended consequences.
Espero que este acto legislativo tenga éxito.
I wish the legislation success.
Es posible que tenga una mayoría mañana.
It may be that you have a majority tomorrow.
No conozco a ningún eurodiputado que tenga tanta protección.
I do not know of any MEPs with that much security.
Europa necesita que usted tenga éxito.
Europe needs you to be successful.
Espero que el referendo tenga lugar.
I am hopeful that the referendum will happen.
Espero que tenga éxito con sus objetivos.
I hope that you will succeed in your objectives.
Esperamos que su propuesta tenga continuidad.
We hope that your proposal will be followed up.
Esperemos que tenga éxito esta vez.
Let us aim to be successful this time.
Cada uno que tenga su modelo.
Each and every one may have its own model.
Esperamos que el informe tenga mucho éxito.
We wish the report much success.
Comprendo que allí tenga que suceder algo.
I quite understand that something has to be done.
Presupone que usted tenga un estándar técnico.
For that, there has to be a technical standard.
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