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Spanish Word: tengo

English Translation: pres. of [tener]

Translated sentences containing 'tengo'
No tengo inconveniente. No tengo nada en contra.
I don't mind. I have nothing against it.
Yo tengo dolor.
I am in pain.
Tengo dos hijos.
I have two children.
No, pero tengo frío.
No, but I'm cold.
yo tengo
I have
No tengo explicaciones.
I have received no explanation.
Yo no tengo tales preocupaciones.
I do not have these concerns.
Sinceramente, tengo mis dudas.
I must admit that I have my doubts about this.
Tengo varias preguntas.
I have quite a few questions.
Tengo derecho a saberlo.
I have a right to know.
No tengo información a ese respecto.
I have no information on this subject.
No tengo mucho que comentar.
I do not need to add too many explanatory notes.
Yo no tengo ninguna duda.
I am in no doubt about this.
Tengo otras dos preguntas.
I have two other points.
Tengo derecho a ello.
I am entitled to that.
¡Tengo frío, mucho frío!
I am cold, absolutely freezing.
¿Tengo que responder?
Do I have to answer?
Tengo una cuantas preguntas.
I have a few questions.
No obstante, tengo muchas reservas.
However, I have many reservations.
No tengo nada en contra.
I have nothing against that.
No obstante, tengo varias objeciones.
However, I do have some objections.
Tengo otras dos observaciones.
I should like to make two other points.
Tengo tres preguntas:
I have three questions to put to you.
Tengo experiencia de ello.
We have seen that before.
Tengo confianza en ustedes.
I have every confidence in you.
No tengo nada que añadir.
I have nothing further to add.
Desafortunadamente, no tengo buenas noticias.
Unfortunately, my news is not good news.
Comisario, tengo otra pregunta.
Commissioner, I have a further question.
Tengo dos peticiones urgentes.
I have two urgent requests.
Tengo tres preguntas adicionales.
I have three supplementary questions.
No tengo nada que decir.
I have nothing to say.
No tengo nada que objetar.
I would have no objection.
Tengo que confesar algo.
I have to get something off my chest.
No obstante, tengo algunas reservas.
I would like to express some reservations however.
No tengo una visión idílica.
This is not to say that I see things through rose-coloured glasses.
Tengo dos preguntas concretas.
I have two concrete questions.
No obstante, tengo sentimientos encontrados.
I have mixed feelings though.
Tengo dos pequeñas sugerencias.
I have two small suggestions.
Tengo varias preguntas adicionales.
I have a number of supplementary questions.
No tengo nada que añadir.
I do not have anything to add.
Saben que tengo razón.
You know I am right.
Tengo dos preguntas complementarias.
I have two follow-up questions.
Tengo confianza a este respecto.
I feel confident enough in that respect.
Tengo algunas preguntas.
I have a few questions.
No tengo otra posibilidad.
I have no other option.
Pero tengo tres preguntas.
However, I do have three questions.
Tengo dos preguntas breves.
I have two short questions.
No tengo inconveniente en ello.
I have no problem with that.
Tengo una opinión diferente.
I am of a different opinion.
Lo tengo muy claro.
That is clear to me.
No tengo inconveniente en ello.
I have no problem with that.
No obstante, tengo sentimientos enfrentados.
Nonetheless, I stand here with very mixed feelings.
Pero tengo una reserva.
I have one reservation, however.
No tengo preguntas adicionales.
I have no supplementary question.
Tengo tres objeciones fundamentales.
I have three fundamental objections.
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