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Spanish Word: otro,otra

English Translation: other, another; [otra vez=, once more; ]el uno

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  oveja - sheep
  oyendo - pres. part. of [oír]
  oyó - past abs. of [oír]
  Pablo - Paul
  paciencia - patience
  Pacífico - Pacific
  padre - father; [los ----s,] parents
  paga - pay
  página - page
  país - country, land
  paja - straw
  pájaro - bird
  paje - page
  palabra - word
  palacio - palace
  paladión - palladium
  palco - box
  pálido,pálida - pale; [ponerse ----], to turn pale
  palma - palm; =---- de coco=, coconut palm
  palmada - clapping of hands; [dar ----s,] to...

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