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Spanish Word: paladión

English Translation: palladium

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  palco - box
  pálido,pálida - pale; [ponerse ----], to turn pale
  palma - palm; =---- de coco=, coconut palm
  palmada - clapping of hands; [dar ----s,] to...
  palo - stick, pole, log; =---- de rosa=,...
  pampa - an extensive plain, pampas (of South...
  panadería - bakery
  panadero - baker
  panal - honeycomb
  Panamá - Panama
  Paolo - Ital., Paul
  papagayo - parrot
  papanatas - simpleton, fool
  papel - paper
  par - adj., similar, like
  par - pair, couple; [a ----es], in pairs;
  parábola - parabola; parable
  Paraguay - Paraguay
  pardo,parda - dark, brown
  pared - wall

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