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Spanish Word: cárcel

English Translation: prison

Translated sentences containing 'cárcel'
Lo han metido en la cárcel, lo cual no me sorprende.
They put him in jail, which doesn't surprise me.
Si le hubieran condenado por homicidio habría tenido que irse a la cárcel por 15 años.
If he had been found guilty of homicide, he would have been put in prison for 15 years.
¿Crees que se habrán fugado de la cárcel?
Do you think they will have escaped from jail?
El asesino se fugó de la cárcel.
The killer escaped from prison.
Nosotros salimos de la cárcel y nunca renunciamos a las armas.
We leave jail and never renounce to our weapons.
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