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Spanish Word: casi

English Translation: almost

Translated sentences containing 'casi'
Vive tan lejos que no nos vemos casi nunca.
He lives so far that we hardly ever see each other.
Estaría hablando de la necesidad de aplicar la vacuna a casi 600 trabajadores.
He would be talking about the need to vaccinate nearly 600 workers.
Diría casi mitad y mitad. Lo siento tanto en el día como en la noche.
I would say half and half. I feel it as much during the day as at night.
Casi siempre vamos a visitar a la familia.
We almost always go visit the family.
Me gustan casi todos los deportes, en especial, me encanta el fútbol.
I like almost all sports. I especially love soccer.
Así funciona casi siempre.
That is usually the case.
Es casi lamentable.
It is next to lamentable.
Ahora casi hemos llegado.
Now we are almost there.
Casi podría creérmelo.
I could almost believe it.
Casi todos han muerto.
They are almost all dead.
Casi lo consigue.
It almost lives up to that aim.
Sería casi una herejía.
That would be tantamount to heresy.
Casi todas se rechazaron.
Almost all of them were rejected.
Casi he acabado, señor Presidente.
I have nearly finished, Mr President.
¡Casi parece hecho aposta!
It could almost have been done on purpose!
Casi no me importa Sansón.
And Samson is scarcely of any concern to me.
Soy casi esclavo del Reglamento.
My hands are tied in this matter.
Diría casi que a cualquier precio.
I would even venture to say that it should be resolved at any cost.
Incluso nos parece casi caricaturesca.
Indeed, we take the view that it is something of a caricature.
Aquí no hay aún casi nada.
There is virtually nothing available at present.
Señor Presidente, ya casi he acabado.
Mr President, I have almost finished.
Puedo aceptarlo casi sin reservas.
I can agree with it almost without reservation.
Casi he terminado sobre este punto.
I have almost finished on this point.
Pero esto es casi anecdótico.
But this is almost a detail.
Porque a veces parece casi olvidada.
Because it appears at times to be almost forgotten.
Se redujo casi a la mitad.
It was cut almost by half.
La destrucción es casi completa.
The destruction is nearly complete.
Esto es casi trabajo no declarado.
That is almost like undeclared work.
Ya casi tiene su Tratado.
So you have almost got your Treaty.
Casi siempre sucede lo contrario.
Usually we are trying to spur the Commission on.
Lamentablemente, han sido casi nulos.
Unfortunately, almost no progress has been made at all.
Le apoyo, casi, sin reservas.
I approve your work (almost) without reservation.
Declaraciones, pero casi nada concreto.
We have made declarations, but we have done almost nothing tangible.
Yo creo que casi todo.
I believe there is every reason.
Casi son las 23.20 horas.
After all, it is already 11.20 p.m.
El terreno estaba casi virgen.
The ground had barely been explored previously.
El informe Theato plantea casi siempre bien el problema, señala casi siempre bien las opciones, reclama casi siempre bien acciones.
The Theato Report is nearly always good at locating the problem, at putting forward options, and demanding action.
El Consejo asumió casi todas las enmiendas.
The Council accepted nearly all of the amendments.
Es más que nada.... ¡pero casi nada!
It is better than nothing, but not much!
No obstante, estamos ya casi al final.
However, we are almost at the end.
Se ocupa incluso de casi demasiadas cosas.
Indeed it is almost making itself busy with too many matters.
Señor Presidente, resulta casi imposible hablar aquí.
Mr President, it is almost impossible to discuss this issue in this arena.
Llevamos negociando casi diez años a escala mundial.
Worldwide negotiations have taken place for nearly ten years.
La indemnización a las víctimas es casi nula.
Compensation of victims is almost non-existent.
Casi iba a decir: hay muchos irlandeses.
I almost said there are a lot of Irish among us.
Se ha excedido casi en su brevedad.
You have been almost excessive in your brevity.
Es considerable, incluso casi inadmisible, evidentemente.
This is a considerable number, and it is obviously unacceptable.
Me voy a referir casi exclusivamente al Cercano Oriente.
I want to focus my remarks on the Middle East.
Se han conseguido mucho, casi todo.
Much of it, indeed most of it, appears to be well done.
Casi nadie empieza a fumar porque le gusta.
Hardly anyone takes up smoking because they like it.
Ha llevado casi un año entero.
It has taken nearly a year.
Al revés: terminamos casi por los puertos.
On the contrary: we are practically ending with the ports.
Casi todos sus miembros votarán a favor.
Almost all members will vote in favour.
El Mediterráneo es un mar casi cerrado.
The Mediterranean is a semi-enclosed sea.
En este frente no se mueve casi nada.
There is virtually nothing moving on that front.
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