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A selection of Spanish reading comprehension exercises and quizzes. These Interpretive Reading resources provide students the ability to interpret information, concepts, and ideas from a variety of culturally authentic sources on a variety of topics.

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Interpretive Reading Exercises

Children need to be able to understand what they read in order to gain meaning from it. Comprehension strategies are used by adults to help children increase their understanding of the text. Researchers have studied what good readers do, by asking them to think aloud as they read. From these studies, it has been determined that the seemingly effortless activity described as "good reading" is made up of a set of highly complex skills and abilities. The way in which good readers actively and consciously coordinate these skills and strategies before, during, and after reading a text is particularly impressive. An important part of being a good reader is setting goals for your reading. Good readers often take note of the structure and organization of the text, as well as their own interests, in order to determine whether it is relevant to their goals. Good readers parse words accurately and quickly while also understanding the meanings of phrases and sentences as well as their relationships to other parts of the text. If something is confusing, they use their background knowledge to try to clarify the meanings of words and phrases.

The readers are skilled at making predictions about what might happen next and understanding ideas as they encounter them. Selective readers are likely to focus on the parts of a text that are most closely related to their reading goals. They may decide to skip some parts of a text because they understand the content or because they do not think the parts are important. Some readers choose to reread a passage or chapter before continuing, in order to better understand the content. They may also summarize the content of a passage as they read it, in order to determine what is important, what is supportive, and what is less important. Many readers make inferences when reading text. For example, they may draw on their background knowledge or look for clues in the text to supply information about characters or events that the author has not directly mentioned. Some good readers may also create mental images, or visualize a setting, event, or character to help them understand a passage in a text. When a reader realizes that they do not understand what they are reading, they will attempt to repair their lack of understanding by asking questions about the meaning of the text, rephrasing passages in their own words, looking up meanings for difficult words, or outlining the content.

Reading Exercises for Spanish

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After reading, thoughtful readers often contemplate or reflect on what they read. They may summarize major points or events in the text, or even go to other sources to find additional information about the topic of the reading. Good readers are most often strategic readers. This means they use a number of comprehension strategies to get meaning from text. Strategies are conscious plans or procedures that are under the control of a reader, who makes decisions about which strategies to use and when to use them. Metacognitive awareness refers to a person's ability to be aware of their own cognition, or their thoughts about their own thinking. This can include things like consciously choosing the appropriate comprehension strategies for use with a particular text.

Spanish Reading Comprehension Exercises

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