Spanish for Nurses and Physician Assistants  

Medical Spanish for Physician Assistants

As Spanish speaking populations increase, learning the Spanish language is an essential skill if one intends to provide quality medical care to all people.

Déjeme presentarme. Mi nombre es…
Left me introduce myself. My name is…

Cúal es su nombre?
What is your name?

Me da mucho gusto conocerlo.
It is nice to meet you.

De dónde es usted?
Where are you from?

Cómo está hoy?
How are you?

Mas o menos.
Not too good.

No muy bien.
Not very well.

Qué lo trae por aquí?
What caused you to come in today? (to male)

Qué la trae por aquí?
What caused you to come in today? (to female)

A qué se dedica?
What is your profession?

Trabajo en una granja.
I work on a farm.

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