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Es urgente que amuebles el piso.
It is urgent that you furnish the apartment.
Es urgente que lo veas.
It's urgent that you see it.
Lo enviaré por servicio urgente.
I will send it by rush delivery.
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
Entonces, era urgente que aprendieras español, ¿no?
Then, it was important for you to learn Spanish, wasn't it?
Por favor, envíelo por correo urgente.
Please send it by express post.
Es urgente que envíes este paquete.
It's urgent that you send this package.
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
Semejante acción es urgente.
Such action is a matter of great priority.
Es urgente escucharlos.
It is crucial that we listen to them.
Es un requisito urgente.
That is an urgent requirement.
Es urgente hacerlo.
This is a matter of urgency.
Es un tema urgente.
This is an urgent matter.
Utilizó la palabra "urgente".
You used the word 'urgency'.
Esta cuestión es urgente.
This is a pressing issue.
Es una respuesta urgente.
It is an urgent one.
Es muy urgente.
This really is a matter of urgency.
Es urgente buscar soluciones.
We must envisage solutions urgently.
La cuestión es urgente.
This is a matter of the utmost urgency.
Es una prioridad urgente.
That is an urgent priority.
Resulta muy urgente avanzar.
It is becoming a matter of urgency that we move ahead.
Es urgente dársela.
It is crucial that we let it be heard.
¡Sí, es más que urgente! Desde 1996 es urgente.
There is therefore no doubt about the urgency of this issue and this has been the case since 1996.
Sí, la directiva es urgente.
Yes, the directive is needed urgently.
Y se necesita ayuda urgente.
And urgent help is needed.
Creo que es urgente hacerlo.
I think this is urgently required.
Esta es una cuestión urgente.
This is an urgent matter.
Es urgente prevenir lo irreparable.
Preventing the irreparable must be done as a matter of urgency.
Es grave y es urgente.
It is serious and it is urgent!
Es la cuestión más urgente.
That is the most urgent thing we have to do.
Esto empieza a ser verdaderamente urgente.
This really is becoming a matter of urgency.
Creo que es extremadamente urgente.
I think that is extremely urgent.
Necesitamos actuar de modo urgente.
We need action and we need action urgently.
Este es un asunto urgente.
This is a pressing matter.
Es urgente resolver esta cuestión.
Solving this issue is a matter of urgency.
Esta es una tarea urgente.
That is an urgent task.
Era por ello urgente una modernización.
For this reason, modernisation was essential.
Esta es una cuestión muy urgente.
This is a very urgent matter.
Me pregunto, ¿qué significa "urgente" en este contexto?
I would ask what does "urgent" mean in this context?
Se trata de un asunto urgente.
It is a matter of urgency.
Por esto es urgente que no nos engañemos.
So it is vital that we should not deceive ourselves.
Está empezando a ser urgente una revisión exhaustiva.
Indeed, a thorough review is becoming urgent.
Es urgente buscar soluciones sostenibles al problema.
We urgently need to find sustainable solutions to this problem.
Lo urgente es acabar con la ocupación.
The urgent issue is to put an end to the occupation.
Señor Comisario, estoy haciéndole un llamamiento urgente.
Commissioner, I am making an urgent appeal to you.
Todos necesitamos una aclaración urgente al respecto.
We all need to have urgent clarification on that.
¿Elaborará la Comisión un informe urgente?
Will the Commission prepare an urgent report?
Hay que hacer algo urgente a este respecto.
Something urgently needs to be done about this.
Es un primer paso urgente, a corto plazo.
It is an urgent first step, for the short term.
Es urgente que hagan frente a sus responsabilidades.
There is an urgent need for it to face up to its responsibilities.
Ahora bien, nos enfrentamos a un problema urgente.
We are faced, however, with an urgent problem.
Es urgente emprender reformas y modernizar Europa.
There is an urgent need for reforms to be undertaken and for Europe to be modernised.
Se trata asimismo de una necesidad urgente.
This is urgently needed as well.
Debemos abordar esta cuestión de forma urgente.
We need to tackle that issue as a matter of urgency.
Es urgente detener la carrera armamentística.
The arms race must be brought to a halt as a matter of urgency.
Por tanto, se requiere una acción urgente:
Therefore, urgent action is needed:
Quisiera que debatiéramos un tema urgente.
I should like to raise an urgent point.
Ayuda humanitaria urgente a la población palestina.
Urgent humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian population!

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