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La semana ya casi termino.
The week is almost over.
I have no more to say.
Y termino.
I do not have much more to say now.
Ya termino.
I will leave it there.
Termino, no me voy a extender más.
I will end now. I will not expand further.
Termino con esto.
I would like to end on the following point.
Tercera cuestión, y termino.
I will conclude with my third question.
Señor Presidente, ya termino.
I will end, Mr President.
Señor Presidente, termino.
Mr President, I will finish here.
Termino con este tema.
I will finish on this.
Termino con esto.
My final point is this.
Termino, señor Presidente.
I am just finishing up, Mr President.
Señorías, con esto termino.
Honourable Members, that brings me to a close.
Ya termino, Señor Presidente.
I am winding up, Mr President.
Ya termino, señor Presidente.
I am finishing up now, Mr President.
Señor Presidente, ya termino.
Mr President, I will conclude.
Termino con dos consideraciones.
I will conclude with two points.
Ya termino, señor Presidente.
I shall conclude, Mr President.
Termino, señor Presidente.
I am finishing, Mr President.
Y termino, señor Presidente.
I am coming to the end, Mr President.
Termino, señor Presidente.
I am coming to an end, Mr President.
Y termino, señor Presidente.
Here I conclude, Mr President.
Termino, señor Presidente.
I shall end here, Mr President.
Termino, señor Presidente.
Mr President, I am coming to my conclusion.
Y termino, señor Presidente.
I am coming to end, Mr President.
Termino, señora Presidenta.
Madam President, I will finish now.
Y termino, Señorías.
I will now conclude my speech, ladies and gentlemen.
Termino ya, señora Presidenta.
I am just finishing, Madam President.
Y termino, señora Presidenta.
I shall conclude there, Madam President.
Señora Presidenta, aquí termino.
That is all I have to say, Madam President.
Presidente, ya termino.
I shall finish there, Mr President.
Señora Presidenta, ya termino.
Madam President, I have decided.
Termino con una palabra.
I would just like to say a word in conclusion.
Con esto termino mi intervención.
That is the end of my speech.
Y termino con una advertencia.
I will end with a warning.
Así que termino, señora Presidenta.
Hence I conclude, Madam President.
Termino, no me voy a alargar mucho más.
I am finishing; I will not go on much longer.
Un punto más y termino.
One last point and I shall finish.
Termino felicitando al ponente por su trabajo.
I close by congratulating the rapporteur on his work.
Termino con dos breves apuntes de actualidad.
I will end with two brief points for consideration.
Y termino con un último punto.
I will close with one last point.
Termino con una petición, señor Presidente.
I will end with a request, Prime Minister.
Termino con el tema del libre comercio.
Finally, on the issue of free trade.
Termino con la resolución sobre Eslovaquia.
I end with the resolution on Slovakia.
Y con esto termino señor Presidente.
Anyway, I will stop there, Mr President.
Termino, señor Presidente, con dos observaciones importantes.
I would like to end, Mr President, with two important comments.
Y termino con un apunte acerca del sector agrícola.
I would like to end with a reference to the agricultural sector.
Y termino felicitando al Sr. Fatuzzo por su cumpleaños.
Let me end by wishing Mr Fatuzzo a happy birthday.
Termino, señor Presidente, con una observación sobre nuestra institución.
I conclude, Mr President, on a point for our institution.
Y termino deseándoles Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas a todos.
Lastly, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Así termino, pues ya he repasado toda la escena agrícola.
I shall leave it there, as I have covered the agricultural scene totally.

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