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Le están preguntando lo que significa.
They are asking him what it means.
¿Qué significa ... ?
What does ... mean?
¿Significa algo?
Does it mean something?
¡ No me diga lo que significa !
Don't tell me what it means!
¿Qué significa remedio?
What does "remedy" mean?
¿Qué significa esta palabra?
What does this word mean?
Ellos saben que significa esa clave.
They know what the clue means.
Europa significa personas, significa jóvenes.
It is about people, it is about young people.
Eso significa ausencia; eso significa debilidad; eso significa dispersión.
It has not been in the right place, it has been weak, it has failed to act as a body.
Crecimiento significa movimiento; estabilidad significa lo contrario.
Growth means movement; stability means the opposite.
Para mí, "dimensión" significa profundidad, significa alcance.
For me, 'dimension' means depth, it means scope.
Si esto no significa reincidencia, ¿qué significa?
If this does not mean three strikes, what does it mean?
EQUAL significa "igualdad" .
EQUAL stands for "equality" .
¿Qué significa esta afirmación?
What sort of a statement is this?
Pero ¿esto qué significa?
But what does this mean?
¿Qué significa políticamente?
What in fact does it mean politically?
¿Qué significa "tener éxito"?
What do we mean by 'succeeding' ?
Comunicar significa transmitir noticias.
Communication is about bringing news.
¿Qué significa esto?
What is the meaning of this?
Un mercado significa compradores.
Customers who must have money.
¿Qué significa esto realmente?
What does it really mean?
¿Qué significa esta posición?
What does this position mean?
¿Qué significa todo esto?
What does this amount to?
¿Qué significa eso concretamente?
What does that mean in concrete terms?
Esto no significa una discriminación.
This does not mean discrimination.
¿Qué significa todo esto?
What does all that mean?
¿Qué demonios significa "entiende"?
Now what on earth does 'deemed' mean?
Tolerancia no significa aceptarlo todo.
Tolerance does not mean accepting anything and everything.
Significa la Dimensión Septentrional.
It means the Northern Dimension.
¿Qué significa realmente?
What does it actually mean?
Eso significa convivencia.
This is what coexistence means.
Tolerancia no significa indiferencia.
Tolerance does not mean indifference.
¿Qué significa esto?
Yet what does that mean?
¿Qué significa esto?
So what does this mean?
Pero eso no significa desmantelarlos.
However, this does not mean dismantling them.
¿Qué significa todo esto?
What does all this mean?
¿Qué significa eso realmente?
What does that actually mean?
¿Qué significa esto exactamente?
What does this mean exactly?
Legislar no significa oprimir.
To legislate does not mean to oppress.
¿Qué significa todo esto?
What does all this mean?
¿Qué significa todo esto?
What is this all about?
Esto significa crecimiento sostenible.
This would mean sustainable growth.
Pero ¿qué significa eso?
But what does that mean?
Quedarse quieto significa retroceder.
To stand still is to move backwards.
¿Qué significa esto?
What do I mean by that?
Esto significa que defendemos:
This means that we are advocating:
¿Qué significa moderación?
What do you mean by restraint?
Ser camino significa avanzar.
Choosing the road means moving forward.
Pero ¿qué significa esto?
But what does that mean?
Pero información no significa control.
However, information does not mean control.
Esto significa imponer prohibiciones, significa establecer normas internacionales.
This means bans and international standards.
Para ellos, paz significa guerra y seguridad significa represión.
For them peace means war and security means repression.
Esto no significa más regulación; en realidad, significa menos.
That does not mean more regulation; as a matter of fact it means less.
Significa más integración y no menos.
It means more integration, not less integration.
¿Significa que nada anda mal?
Does this mean that everything is smelling of roses, or that nothing is going wrong?
Esto significa su muerte segura.
Meaning that they will die.
La carta no significa otra cosa.
The letter has no other meaning.

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