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Es evidente que Ana Laura baila maravillosamente.
It is evident that Ana Laura dances exquisitely.
Es evidente que el jefe no está aquí.
It's evident that the boss is not here.
Me parece evidente.
I think that goes without saying.
Me parece evidente.
That seems clear to me.
El motivo es evidente.
The reason is quite obvious.
Parecía una opción evidente.
It seemed an obvious choice.
Eso es evidente.
That really should go without saying.
El problema es evidente.
The problem is plain to see.
Es evidente que no son ...
It is obvious it is not the ...
Eso resulta evidente.
That must be very clear.
Creo que es evidente.
This seems obvious to me.
Su interés resulta evidente.
It is of proven interest.
La respuesta es evidente: no.
The answer is obviously that we should not.
Estamos frente a un problema evidente.
We clearly have a problem, therefore.
Esta sería la consecuencia evidente.
That is the clear consequence of this.
A la Comisión le parece evidente.
The Commission believes this is obvious.
El progreso es, pues, evidente.
The progress is therefore evident.
Es evidente que necesitamos salvaguardias.
Of course we have to have safeguards.
Es algo que me parece evidente.
That much seems obvious to me.
El coste primordial es evidente.
The primary cost is self-evident.
Es bastante claro y evidente.
It is pretty clear and obvious.
Poseen una evidente marca ideológica.
They are clearly marked by ideology.
Es evidente que resulta imposible.
Clearly it cannot be done.
Existe un evidente problema legal.
There is clearly a legal problem.
La vanidad occidental resulta evidente.
The vanity of the West is evident.
¡Es evidente que así no llegaremos!
It is clear that this cannot go on.
Es evidente que esto es inaceptable.
It is clear that is not acceptable.
Los estudiantes son un ejemplo evidente.
Students are an obvious example.
La ventaja para México es evidente.
The advantage to Mexico is obvious.
Este consumidor debe estar protegido, es evidente.
This consumer must be protected, so much is clear.
La primera de estas etapas es evidente.
The first stage is clear.
Es evidente que prefiere vivir al día.
It obviously prefers a hand-to-mouth existence.
Es evidente que no se han cumplido todas.
Clearly they have not been complied with in full.
Es evidente, pues, que no tenemos opción.
So there is no question of our being able to opt for intermodality.
Es evidente que compartimos nuestra responsabilidad.
Of course we share our responsibility.
El interés de este programa es evidente.
The interest in this programme is clear.
Sí, es evidente que faltan algunos puntos.
Yes, they naturally lack a number of points.
Es evidente que falta mucho por hacer.
Clearly there is a lot of work to be done.
La respuesta es, por lo tanto, evidente.
We therefore have the answer to the question.
Es evidente que hay algo que no funciona.
Clearly, there is something wrong!
Es evidente que no existe ninguna solución fácil.
It is clear that there are no easy solutions.
Es evidente que debe ser mejorada.
It clearly needs to be improved.
Supondrían un beneficio evidente para los consumidores.
They would be of clear benefit to consumers.
Resulta bastante evidente que esto es desproporcionado.
Quite clearly, something is out of proportion here.
Es evidente que es posible mejorarlo.
There is clearly room for improvement.
Este es un caso evidente de discriminación.
That is a clear case of discrimination.
Es evidente mi interés por la equitación.
I declare an interest in the equestrian area.
   . Señor Presidente, el riesgo es evidente.
   Mr President, the risk is clear.
Es evidente que la respuesta es «no».
The answer is clearly 'no'.
En Europa, esto es particularmente evidente.
In Europe, this state of affairs has been particularly clear.
El riesgo para la salud es evidente.
The risk to health is obvious.
No hay una necesidad evidente de coordinación.
There is no obvious need for coordination.

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