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Tal vez te hayas equivocado.
Perhaps you have made a mistake.
Tú dijiste que tomaste el vuelo equivocado.
You said that you took the wrong flight.
Os habéis equivocado.
You have been wrong.
A pesar de todo, te has equivocado.
Despite everything, you have made a mistake.
Me temo que se ha equivocado de número.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong number.
Perdone, me he equivocado.
Sorry, I've called the wrong number.
Se ha equivocado de calle.
You've taken the wrong road.
Creo que me he equivocado.
I think I have made a mistake.
Creo que te has equivocado.
I think you have made a mistake.
Estar equivocado
To be mistaken / to be wrong
Número equivocado
wrong number
Lo siento, está en el edificio equivocado.
I am sorry, you are in the wrong building.
Se ha equivocado.
You've called the wrong number.
Se han equivocado al juzgarla.
They have made a mistake in judging her.
Se han equivocado de expediente médico.
They mixed up your medical history.
Del lado equivocado
on the wrong side
¡Número equivocado!
Sorry, wrong number!
Perdone, me he equivocado.
Sorry, I have the wrong one.
Se han equivocado.
That was a mistake on their part.
Siempre nos hemos equivocado.
We have been wrong every time.
Espero estar equivocado.
I hope I am wrong.
Me he equivocado de nombre.
I got your name wrong.
Si estoy equivocado, demuéstrenmelo.
If I am wrong, prove me wrong.
Es el enfoque equivocado.
It is the wrong approach.
Lo consideramos equivocado.
That is something we certainly regard as misguided.
Sería realmente equivocado.
That would really be a mistake.
Nuestro Reglamento estaba equivocado.
Our Rules of Procedure were awry.
Es el reflejo equivocado en el nivel equivocado.
It is the wrong reflex at the wrong level.
Creo que nos hemos equivocado.
I think that we have done the wrong thing.
Verdaderamente se ha equivocado, Comisaria.
You have actually got it wrong, Commissioner.
Así que nos hemos equivocado.
So we have got this wrong.
   Lo siento, está usted equivocado.
   I am sorry, you are wrong.
Sencillamente he pulsado el botón equivocado.
I simply pressed the wrong button.
Ese es el mensaje equivocado.
This is the wrong message.
Creemos que esto es equivocado.
We believe this is wrong.
No debemos enviar un mensaje equivocado.
We must not send out the wrong message.
Este es el enfoque equivocado.
This is the wrong approach.
Es un enfoque totalmente equivocado.
This is totally the wrong approach.
Ese sería un planteamiento equivocado.
That would be the wrong approach.
Ese es el camino equivocado.
That is the wrong way to go.
Reconocemos que nos hemos equivocado».
We hold our hands up, we were wrong' .
Fue un paso realmente equivocado.
This was a profoundly misguided move.
¡Nadie pudo estar más equivocado!
Nothing could have been further from the truth.
Ha sido un punto de partida equivocado.
It is a false start.
Considero que es equivocado que aislemos a China.
I am certainly not a propagandist for the Chinese government.
¡Esta vez se ha equivocado señor Katiforis!
This time, Mr Katiforis is wrong.
¿Acaso está equivocado el Sr. Bolkestein?
Has Mr Bolkestein perhaps misread the situation?
Respeto su desacuerdo, pero no creo estar equivocado.
I respect your disagreement, but I do not think that I am wrong.
No tenemos que apuntar al objetivo equivocado.
We must not aim for the wrong target.
A lo mejor mi juicio político está equivocado.
Maybe my political judgment is way off the mark.
Creo que es un argumento equivocado.
I think this is wrong.
Eso sería, sencillamente, tomar el camino equivocado.
That would quite simply be the wrong route to go down.
Señor Presidente, yo no me he equivocado de Parlamento.
Mr President, I do not have the wrong Parliament.
Tal vez se han equivocado de prioridades.
Perhaps they have their priorities wrong.
Pero ese sería un enfoque equivocado.
But that would be the wrong approach.
También envía el mensaje equivocado al mundo.
It also sends out the wrong message to the world.
Excelente, pero lamentablemente en el orden equivocado.
That is excellent, but unfortunately in the wrong order.
Estamos, por tanto, haciendo algo completamente equivocado.
We are therefore in completely the wrong place.
- (PL) Señor Presidente, yo también me he equivocado.
- (PL) Mr President, I too was led astray.
Éste sería un camino completamente equivocado.
That is indeed the wrong course to take.
Creo que vamos por el camino equivocado.
I think that we are going along the wrong path.
Sin embargo, ese es el camino equivocado.
That, however, is the wrong way to go.
En nuestra opinión, este planteamiento es equivocado.
In our view, this is the wrong approach.
Me he equivocado, ha sido un lapsus, por supuesto.
I made a mistake, a slip of the tongue of course.
Lo repito: estamos siguiendo el camino equivocado.
I repeat: we are on completely the wrong track.
Me parece muy contradictorio y completamente equivocado.
I find that so contradictory and so utterly wrong.
Me parece que sería un camino equivocado.
I think that would be the wrong way to go.

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