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Ella siempre está enojándose por nada.
She is always getting mad for no reason.
Temo que ellos la hayan enojado demasiado.
I am afraid that they had gotten her too angry.
No te enojes conmigo.
Don't get upset with me.
Si me enojo, me contento de nuevo.
If I get mad, I make myself happy again.
Te enojaste con el árbitro.
You got mad at the referee.
Me enojé mucho con Leo por mentirme.
I became really mad at Leo for lying to me.
Qué hicimos para enojarte?
What did we do to make you mad?
¿Por qué te enojas por esa tontería?
Why do you get upset about that crap?
Me he enojado porque has llegado dos horas tarde.
I got upset because you showed up two hours late.
No se trata de ninguna iniciativa del Parlamento para enojar ahora a la Comisión que estemos a favor de una Tobin Tax.
Parliament is not taking the initiative and supporting a Tobin type tax just to annoy the Commission.
Una de las personas que ha intervenido anteriormente ha dicho que Natura 2000 se percibe en algunos sectores como un programa para enojar a la gente.
One of the previous speakers said that Natura 2000 is seen in some quarters as a programme for annoying the public.

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