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Claro, muchas gracias Cecilia.
Of course, thank you very much Cecilia.
¿Te has fijado que este pintor utiliza en este lienzo la técnica del claro-oscuro?
Have you noticed that this painter uses in this painting the dark-light technique?
Estaba claro de antemano que no iba a pagar.
It was clear in advance that he wasn't going to pay.
Sí, claro, regreso más tarde.
Yes sir, I come back later.
Claro, un momento. Vengan conmigo.
Sure, just a minute. You all come with me.
Mi papá tiene el pelo claro.
My dad has light hair.
¡Claro que el viaje valdrá la pena!
Of course the trip will be worthwhile!
¡Claro que no! ¿Cuándo os vais de vacaciones?
Of course not! When are you going on vacation?
Claro que le habría dado mi número de teléfono y dirección de email si me los hubiera pedido.
Of course I would have given him my phone number and email address if he had asked for them.
No tengo claro a quien de ellos elegir.
I'm not sure who among them to choose. ...
¿Y si pusiéramos las cosas en claro ?
What if we were to talk things over?
¡Claro que si!
Of course!
Puedes ayudarme? Por supuesto!
Can you help me? Of course!
¡Claro que sí!
Of course!
Ver claro
to see clearly
¿Te ha quedado claro mi punto de vista?
Now do you get my point of view?
Sí, claro podrán ustedes utilizar la computadora por ese proposito.
Yes, certainly you will be able to use the computer for that purpose
Sí, claro señorita. Yo voy a esperar.
Yes, sure Miss. I'll wait.
¡Sí, claro! regreso más tarde
Yes, sure! I will be back later
Está claro
that is understood
Está claro que / Se sobreentiende que
It goes without saying that
Hablemos claro.
Let me be quite clear.
Digámoslo claro.
Let us say so clearly.
Es un calendario claro.
That is a clear timetable.
Dejemos eso claro.
Let us get that point clear.
Está totalmente claro.
That much is absolutely clear.
Pero seré claro aquí.
But here I am on clear ground.
Tenemos un calendario claro.
We have a clear timetable.
Además, Hipócrates no es claro.
Furthermore, Hippocrates is not easy to understand.
Quiero ser perfectamente claro.
I want to be crystal clear.
Esto debe estar claro.
We must be clear about that.
Ha quedado claro.
That is clearly the case here.
Tampoco esto queda claro.
Even that is not clear.
Desearía ser claro.
I would like to make something clear.
Permítanme ser muy claro.
Let me be quite clear.
Quisiera que quedara claro.
I should just like to clarify this.
Voy a ser muy claro.
This is something I want to make very clear.
"¡Claro!" le contestaba Jesús.
Aren' t there any fish?'
Sí, claro que sirve.
Yes, of course it is.
Tiene que quedar claro.
That has to be clarified.
Esto que quede claro.
We should be clear on that.
Nada estaba claro.
It was all very vague.
Solo quería dejarlo claro.
I just wanted to clarify that.
No ha quedado muy claro.
It was not altogether clear.
Llevaron un mensaje claro.
They took with them a clear message.
Es importante dejarlo claro.
It is important to make this clear.
Esto debe quedar claro.
That needs to be said clearly.
Permítame ser claro.
Let that be quite clear.
No está muy claro.
It is not very clear.
Esto me parece perfectamente claro.
That seems to me perfectly clear.
Quería dejarlo claro.
I wanted to make that point clear.
Esto está claro.
That is clearly in order.
¡Claro que hay asimetrías!
Of course there are asymmetries!
No, claro que no es posible.
No, of course it is not.
El mensaje está claro.
That is a clear message.
   . Voy a ser claro.
   Let me be clear.
No lo deja claro.
It does not make that clear.
Lo tengo muy claro.
That is clear to me.
Creo que está claro.
I believe that it is clear.
Dejémoslo bien claro.
Let us make no bones about this.
Está bastante claro.
That is rather clear language.
Sí, está muy claro.
Oh yes, it is very clear!
Ha quedado claro, gracias.
That is clear now, thank you.
No puede decirse más claro.
You cannot put it more clearly than that.
Permítanme hablar claro.
Let me be clear today.
Debemos dejar esto claro.
We must make that clear.
Esto debe quedar claro.
That has to be made clear.
¿No fui lo suficientemente claro?
Was I not clear enough?
El argumento es claro.
It is a clear argument.
Permítanme ser muy claro.
Let me be very clear.
Me gustaría dejar algo claro.
I should like to clarify something here.

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