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¿Le dieron ustedes al jefe todos los datos sobre el asunto?
Did you give the boss all the information on the matter?
¿Por qué te habrá contestado el Sr. Ortega como si no supiera nada del asunto?
I wonder why Mr. Ortega answered you as if he didn't know anything about the matter.
Te suplico que no hables de este asunto con nadie.
I beg you to not talk about this to anyone.
¡Asunto concluido!
Matter settled!
Con llevarnos un infiernillo, asunto resuelto.
By taking a kerosene heater with us, the matter was resolved.
Estoy seguro (de) que él no querrá hablar más del asunto.
I'm sure he will not want to discuss the matter anymore.
Crees posible que hayan exagerado con este asunto?
Do you believe it is possible that they have exaggerated this story?
Ponga como asunto de su correo electrónico.
Write the subject of the email.
No es cosa tuya / No es asunto tuyo
that's no business of yours
Ella firmó y se olvidó del asunto.
She signed it and she forgot about it.
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
No es cosa tuya / No es asunto tuyo
that's no business of yours
Este asunto es estrictamente personal, mantén discreción.
This matter is strictly personal, maintain discretion.
Creias que el asunto estaria resuelto ya, ¿no?
You thought that the matter would be settled already, didn't you?
No comparten la misma opinión sobre ese asunto.
They don't share the same opinion on this matter.
No puedo ser neutro en este asunto, es mi familia.
I can't be neutral in this matter, it's my family.
No es asunto tuyo.
This is not your business.
Creo que hemos llegado al fondo del asunto.
I think we've got to the bottom of things.
No tenía ningún asunto pendiente.
There were no outstanding matters.
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
Es un asunto importante.
This is an important matter.
Estamos atentos a ese asunto.
We are monitoring this issue.
Nos ocuparemos del asunto.
We will deal with the matter.
Me centraré en este asunto.
I will concentrate on that issue.
Este asunto no es fácil.
It is not a straightforward issue.
No es asunto fácil.
The subject is not an easy one.
Asunto: Ejecución del presupuesto
Subject: Implementation of the budget
Volveré sobre este asunto.
I will come back to this.
Asunto: UE - Macedonia
Subject: The EU and Macedonia
Volveremos a tratar este asunto.
I will come back to you on this matter.
Volveré sobre este asunto.
I will come back to this.
Retomaré este asunto.
I will come back to this.
Es un asunto importante.
This is an important issue.
Es un asunto fundamental.
This is a most fundamental issue.
Es un asunto discutible.
That is a matter of dispute.
Es un asunto antiguo.
It is an age-old question.
No es un asunto técnico.
It is not a technical issue.
Asunto: Situación del irlandés
Subject: The status of the Irish language
No ha abordado este asunto.
He has not touched on that.
No estamos politizando el asunto.
We are not politicising the issue.
Volvamos a estudiar este asunto.
Let us re-examine this matter.
Asunto: Gasoducto del Norte
Subject: North European Gas Pipeline
Asunto: Comisión y sindicatos
Subject: Commission and trade unions
Asunto: Mercados financieros
Subject: Markets in financial instruments
No debemos olvidar el asunto.
We must not forget the matter.
Sigo defendiendo este asunto.
I stand by this issue.
Asunto: Acuerdo ecológico mundial
Subject: International deliberations on the environment
Es un asunto importante.
It is a significant matter.
Asunto: Crisis alimentaria mundial
Subject: World food supply crisis
Francamente, no es asunto suyo.
Frankly, it should be none of your business.
Asunto: Justicia en Rusia
Subject: Justice system in Russia
Debemos tratar ese asunto.
We need to look at that issue.
Ese no es el asunto.
That is not the issue.
Este asunto parece trivial.
This matter only seems trivial.
Me gustaría mencionar otro asunto.
I would like to mention one other thing.
Deberíamos aparcar el asunto.
We should let the subject rest.
Quería recalcar este asunto.
I wanted to stress this point.
Debemos aclarar este asunto.
We should be clearer about this.
Asunto: Magistrales ferroviarias transalpinas
Subject: Mainline railway through the Alps
No pretendo evitar el asunto.
I am not avoiding anything.
Este asunto debe verificarse.
The matter is subject to verification.
Asunto: Inmigración y Schengen
Subject: Migration and the Schengen area
Asunto: Situación en Birmania
Subject: The situation in Burma
Asunto: Comercio con Sudáfrica
Subject: Trade with South Africa
Asunto: Costes de ampliación
Subject: The cost of enlargement
Asunto: Ayuda humanitaria a Cuba
Subject: Humanitarian aid to Cuba
Me ocuparé gustosamente del asunto.
I should be glad to look into the matter.
Vamos a aclarar este asunto.
We will clarify that point.
Es un buen asunto.
That is a good thing.
Hoy es asunto concluido.
Today it is a fait accompli.

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