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Yo esperaba que María se pudiera acostar temprano.
I was hoping that Mary would be able to go to bed early.
No me pude acostar más temprano porque tuve que hacer muchas tareas.
I couldn't go to bed earlier because I had to do a lot of homework.
No sé a qué hora me podré acostar esta noche.
I don't know what time I will be able to go to bed tonight.
Yo me acuesto temprano.
I go to bed early.
Te habrías podido acostar a las diez si hubieras hecho las tareas por la tarde.
You would have been able to go to bed at ten o'clock if you had done the homework in the afternoon.
Acuesta a la niña temprano, pero tú no te duermas antes de terminar tu tarea.
Put the girl to bed early, but don't you go to bed until you finish your homework.
Yo me acuesto
I go to sleep
Baño a los niños antes de acostarlos.
I bathe my children before I put them to bed.
Ella baña a los niños antes de acostarlos.
She bathes her children before she puts them to bed.
Bañamos a los niños antes de acostarlos.
We bathe our children before we put them bed.
¿A qué hora te vas a acostar?
What time are you going to go to bed?
¿Acostaste a los niños temprano?
Did you put the children to bed early?
Espero que María se haya podido acostar.
I hope that Mary has been able to go to bed.
La mamá acostó a su niña en la cuna.
The mother put her little girl in the crib.
Licha les dio de merendar a los niños y los acostó.
Licha fed the children and put them to bed.
Me voy a acostar temprano.
I'm going to bed early.
Elena acuesta a su hija menor.
Elena puts her youngest daughter to bed.

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