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Jaime estaba asustado porque escuchó un grito en la planta superior.
Jaime was scared because he heard a scream in the upper floor.
Ramón y Jaime jugarán fútbol en cuanto tengan la pelota.
Ramón and Jaime will play football as soon as they have the ball.
Uds. no le habían dicho nada a Jaime todavía, ¿verdad?
You hadn't told anything to Jaime yet, had you?
Luisa está limpiando la casa a Jaime. Luisa le está limpiando la casa.
Luisa is cleaning the house for Jaime. Luisa is cleaning the house for him.
Jaime es más listo que David y además no es tan flojo.
Jaime is smarter than David and also he is not as lazy as him.
Jaime es menos listo que David pero más trabajador.
Jaime is less smart than David but he works harder.
Jaime es tan listo como David, pero flojo.
Jaime is as smart as David, but he is lazy.
Jaime está en España de momento.
Jaime is in Spain at the moment.
Jaime leyó todos los libros de Henry.
Jaime read all of Henry’s books.
Dice Jaime que el Carnaval estuvo muy alegre, que se divirtió como nunca.
Jaime says the Carnival was lot of fun, and that he'd never had such a good time before.
Luisa está vaciando la mochila a Jaime. Luisa le está vaciando la mochila.
Luisa is emptying the backpack for Jaime. Luisa is emptying the backpack for him.
Ustedes encontrarán a Jaime estudiando en su cuarto.
You'll find Jaime studying in his room.
¿Termina María antes de Jaime? Sí, termina antes de él.
Does María finish before Jaime? Yes, she finishes before him.
Jaime se opone terminantemente a que su esposa siga trabajando.
Jaime is dead set against his wife continuing to work.
Dice Jaime en su carta que se está divirtiendo mucho en el Carnaval.
Jaime says in his letter that he's having a good time at the Carnival.

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