Forms of Tener  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Tener - to have

The verb tener (conjugation) means "to have". It is irregular in the present tense. The ending er changes to go in the (yo) form (first person singular). Also, e changes to ie in the tú, Ud., and Uds. forms of the verb.

yo tengo (I have)
tienes (you have)
Ud/él/ella tiene (you/he/she has)
nosotros (as) tenemos (we have)
vosotros (as) tenéis (you guys have)
Uds/ellos/ellas tienen (you all/they have)

Sentences using tener in the present tense

To express age
¿Cuántos años tienes? - How old are you?
Tengo veintisiete años.
I am 27 years old

To indicate possession

Yo tengo dos perros.
I have two dogs.
Tengo una casa en California. - I have a house in California.
Tengo cuatro hermanas. - I have four sisters.

To indicate obligations [go to lesson]

To express an obligation, use tener + que + infinitive

Yo tengo que aprender las palabras.
I have to learn the words.
Tengo que estudiar mucho. - I have to study a lot.
¡Tienes que prestar atención! - You have to pay attention!

To express sensations

To express a sensation, use tener + noun.

Tener calor (to be hot)
Tengo calor - I am hot.

Tener frío (to be cold)
Tienes frío. - You are cold.

Tener hambre (to be hungry)
Él tiene hambre. - He's hungry.

Tener sed (to be thirsty)
Tenemos sed. - We're thirsty.

Tener miedo (to be scared)
Ellos tienen miedo. - They're scared.

Tener suerte (to be lucky)
Tengo mucha suerte. - I am very lucky.

To express a desire to do something

Tener + ganas + de + infinitive

Tengo ganas de dormir. - I feel like sleeping.
¿Tienes ganas de comer? - Do you feel like eating?

As an auxiliary verb (instead of haber)

Tengo entendido que no recibiremos la mercadería mañana.
I have understood that we won't receive the merchandise tomorrow.

¿Tiene recibidas las cotizaciones?
Have you received the quotations?

Los presupuestos, que tenemos recibidos para nuestra fábrica del Distrito Federal.
The estimates which we have received for our factory in Mexico City.

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