Interactive Exercises - Verb Tener in the Present Tense 1  

Spanish Tener Verbs
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with an expression using the verb tener. Say the sentence.

Example: El gobierno debe _____ cuidado. - The government should be careful.

Answer: El gobierno debe tener cuidado.

1. Alicia no debe _____ vergüenza.
Alicia should not be ashamed.

2. Quiero saber cómo _____ éxito.
I want to know how to have success.

3. No _____ la culpa.
It's not my fault.

4. Los niños _____ derecho a divertirse.
Children have the right to have fun.

5. Ni Chávez ni Castro _____ razón.
Neither Chávez nor Castro is right.

6. Ella _____ prisa.
She is in a hurry.

7. Los políticos no _____ derecho a robar.
Politicians do not have the right to steal.

8. ¿Cómo puedo _____ éxito?
How can I have success?

10. Ella no _____ suerte con los hombres.
She does not have luck with men.

11. Él _____ suerte de estar vivo.
He is lucky to be alive.

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Quiz 2
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