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Some parents fret that teaching their child a second language will interfere with their child learning English, the truth is exactly the opposite. Learning a second language super-charges young minds! Children can differentiate between two languages within the first weeks of life. Learning more than one language enhances a child's verbal development.

Research indicates many additional cognitive benefits to learning a second language at an early age. Children who study foreign language show higher cognitive performance in school. According to the College Entrance Examination Board, bilingual students score higher on the SATs. Children who learn a foreign language at a young age also exhibit better problem-solving skills, enhanced spatial relations, and heightened creativity. Learning a second language early on encourages flexible thinking and communication skills, helping children consider issues from more than one perspective. Before you know it, your children will greatly improve their Spanish reading comprehension and vocabulary!

Students should take some time to learn the Spanish false cognates. In addition, they should learn to pronounce Spanish diphthongs while they are young. Young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language. The developing brain is hard-wired to acquire language. Never again will it be this natural or this easy!

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