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Who ever knew that learning Spanish could be fun? We offer a series of videos for children on a variety of topics. They are voiced and presented by native Spanish speakers from a variety of countries. Your kids may laugh, but they will also learn. This is a different approach to the type formal and boring video lessons found in classrooms across the United States. These videos for children are a welcome and refreshing change. Without realizing it, your children will dramatically improve their Spanish reading comprehension after watching only a few videos.

The videos for children use a large number of images to help children remember the words and phrases. All videos are in Spanish with English subtitles. The rate of dialogue is slow since they were developed for those at the advanced beginner level and above. This tremendous series of Spanish videos for children, along with the thousands of Spanish games provided in the lessons on this website, are the perfect way for Kids to learn vocabulary. Your children will enjoy them!

Fiancé vs. fiancée
British slang words
Camaraderie vs. comradery
Led vs. lead
Participial phrase
Doughnut vs. donut
Anytime vs. any-time
Forego vs. forgo
Square brackets
Bare With Me vs. Bear With Me
When to use a semicolon
Judgement vs. judgement
To vs. too
Awhile vs. a while
Discrete vs. discreet
Nevermind vs never mind
Types of verbs
Examples of adjectives
Parts of Speech
American slang words
Et Al. vs. Etc.
Catalog vs. catalogue
Use of yea, yeah, and yay
Use of protagonist and antagonist
What is the Plural of Fish?
What is the Plural of Die?
Should I use principle or principal?
Negative personality adjectives
Spelled vs. spelt
Example Reference Letters
Breath vs. breathe
Coordinating conjunction
Comma splice
Through vs thru
Use of Italics and Underlining in Titles
Use of the Em dash (Em rule)
Rack vs. wrack
How to use an apostrophe
When to use a colon
Where vs. were vs. wear
What is a noun?
What is an adjective?
Laying vs. Lying
Farther vs. further
Complement vs. compliment
Bare vs. bear

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Popular Phrase: quien conjugation | Irregular Spanish Verbs | Conjugated Verb: vestir - to dress [ click for full conjugation ]