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Obtaining a medical history is the first step in determining the patient's problem. Many times, you will be able to make a diagnosis based solely upon an accurate medical history. The value of the medical history will depend on your ability to elicit relevant information. This is especially difficult with Spanish speaking patients due to both linguistic and cultural barriers.

The material above was developed to increase the medical professional’s comfort level with performing the past medical history in Spanish. It does not take a vast fund of knowledge to successfully interview a patient. Many experienced physicians often lose site of this fact, placing too much emphasis on the use of resource intensive and expensive testing while failing to take the time to listen to their patients. Successful interviewing is dependent upon the communication skills which you already posses and the language skills which you will obtain by utilizing these resources.

The precise history required in a primary care consult will depend on the presenting symptoms, the past medical history, psychological history, and social history, as well as the patient’s current concerns.

As a general rule, the framework for the past medical history is as follows:

  • determine general state of health: excellent, good, fair, poor. Note any recent changes in state of health
  • past illnesses: diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease
  • all hospitalizations: including psychiatric, medical, and surgical hospitalizations
  • injuries
  • surgeries
  • current medications
  • allergies
  • immunizations
  • current and past substance abuse
  • patient diet and nutritional status
  • sleep
  • alternative therapies
  • obstetric/gynecologic history
  • birth history
  • growth and development
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